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055 Carbon Fiber Tripod View - 3 Section

055 Carbon Fiber Tripod View - 3 Section
055 Carbon Fiber Tripod View - 3 Section

Part # 055CXV3
Limited availability.


This 3-section tripod combines professional performances with essential design. The 100% carbon fiber tubes provide the best rigidity and an extreme light weight.
    • accurate degree markings

      Accurate degree markings on rotation axes allow for precise positioning of the camera.

    • carbon fiber tubing

      Manfrotto's carbon fiber tubing is popular among outdoor photographers because it's light in weight, but not everyone knows it's also more rigid and supports heavier loads than aluminum - giving it a double advantage.

    • ergonomic

      Ergonomic and easy to use.

    • three-faceted column

      Three-faceted column

    • magfiber leg angles

      MagFiber tripods have three pre-set independent leg angles for positioning flexibility and good reach of all intermediate heights between the stated minimum and maximum levels The improved spring-loaded, easy-to-use step mechanism offers greater stability and security than the CarbonOne push-button system it replaces.

    • 100% carbon fiber tubes

      Manfrotto tubes are made of 100% Carbon Fiber in order to reach high quality standards and high levels of performance, rigidity and lightness. Carbon fiber tubes can be very different in quality, depending on the production process and the percent of carbon fiber material present in the tubes. Manfrotto chose to reach the maximum quality using 100% carbon fiber and the pull winding technology (a special production process able to maximize performance, resistance and reliability).

    • Warranty Manfrotto Photo Pro/Amateurs Products

      This products is warranted to be fit for the purpose for which it has been designed, and to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This guarantee does not cover the product against subsequent damage or misuse. The period of validity of the Standard Limited Warranty is defined by the law in force in the country, state or region where the product is sold. Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase to repair your product under warranty.

      How to get an extra warranty coverage
      Beyond the standard compulsory coverage outlined above, this product is eligible for a warranty extension valid up to 10 years from the date of purchase. The Limited Conventional Warranty Extension does not affect the standard compulsory coverage. To take advantage of the warranty extension scheme, you must register your purchase at

  • Center Column rapid rapid
    Color black color black color
    Column Tube Diameter 28mm 28mm
    Leg Angles 23°. 47°. 66°. 89° 23°. 47°. 66°. 89°
    Legs Tube Diameter 29.2 . 24.8 . 20.4 mm 29.2 . 24.8 . 20.4 mm
    Material carbon fiber legs. aluminium column + magnesium. aluminium castings carbon fiber legs. aluminium column + magnesium. aluminium castings
    Closed Length 24.21 in 61.5 cm
    Leg Sections 3 number 3 number
    Load Capacity 17.64 lbs 8 kg
    Maximum Height 69.68 in 177 cm
    Maximum Height (with Center Column Down) 53.54 in 136 cm
    Minimum Height 22.44 in 57 cm
    Weight 5.07 lbs 2.300 kg