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2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers

11/12/2013 — 

It’s that time of year again. The holiday season is upon us and you’re quickly stressing out trying to figure out what gifts to get your loved ones for the Holidays.  For that photographer in your life, things don’t have to be that difficult.  Manfrotto’s got everything you need to make your photographer’s day, whether they’re a hobbyist or professional.  If you are at a loss for ideas, check out our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide to see what’s hot this holiday season.


KLYP iPhone Case

$33.00 for case alone
$133.00 for entire kit (case + led light + Pocket tripod)

Those iPhone photographers are always the life of the crowd, always taking pictures of everything from food to group photos.  If you’ve have an iPhone photographer in your life, consider getting them the Manfrotto’s KLYP case.  This innovative iPhone super-case (available for iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S) has everything your photographer needs to take their iPhone photos to the next level. The KLYP’s rigid polycarbonate case and felt interior will keep your iPhone safe and free of scratches, but there’s a lot more to this case than just protecting your phone.

In addition to providing exceptional protection, the KLYP case also includes 2 clip-on adaptors that enable you to attach both a light and stand to your iPhone. The tripod adaptor allows you to secure your iPhone to nearly any tripod or stand with a standard ¼” thread, while the light adaptor gives your iPhone a standard flash shoe. Manfrotto even offers a KLYP package that comes complete with their ML240 LED light, designed specifically to be used with the KLYP.

As if that wasn’t enough, Manfrotto also offers the free KLYPAPP from the App Store. KLYPAPP, in addition to being a comprehensive photo and video capture and editing software, is the first app to enable hands-free shooting from your iPhone. All you have to do is clap to get a great group shot of you and your friends.

Manfrotto’s KLYP case


PIXI Mini Tripod

Cost:  $28.00

If the photographer in your life shoots with a compact system camera, the PIXI mini tripod will give them the stability they need to get great, sharp images. With a PIXI, your photographer can get those long exposures that just aren’t possible without a tripod and keep videos shake-free without the need for cumbersome attachments.

With a closed length of just 7” and a weight of only .51 lbs., the PIXI is small enough and light enough to go wherever your photographer goes. It’s gorgeous Italian design and steel and Adapto components mean that the PIXI will look great and last long, while its rubber feet will make sure that -- even on slight inclines -- it’s not going anywhere.

Its universal ¼” screw head means that the PIXI is compatible with an enormous range of devices including most any standard compact camera or CSC, an iPhone with the KLYP case, and even entry-level DSLRs. The PIXI’s innovative push-button mechanism allows photographers to adjust the ball head quickly and easily so they never miss a shot while adjusting their tripod. The PIXI is more than a tripod, though. With its legs closed, the PIXI can be used as comfortable extended grip to help your photographer rise above the crowd and get great footage at concerts, parties, and other crowded situations.

PIXI mini tripod
Befree Travel Tripod

Cost:  $223.00

If the photographer in your life does a lot of traveling, they’re sure to love Manfrotto’s Befree tripod. Endorsed by internationally acclaimed photographer Adam Barker (whose exceptional editorial work can be found in USA Today, Mountain Magazine, Flyfish Journal, and a slew of others), the Befree is the perfect gift for a photographer on the go.

Though the Befree extends to a maximum height of over 56”, it folds down to only 15.75” to fit in its comfortable-carrying padded bag, a backpack, or even carry-on luggage.  Its patented leg selectors let photographers quickly and easily select between 2 available inclinations, giving the Befree exceptional versatility.

Its high-quality materials and construction -- including a new aluminium ball head -- enable the Manfrotto Befree to support payloads up to 8.8 lbs so your photographer can get the steadiness they need, even with long zoom lenses. The standard ¼” screw head means that the Befree will be compatible with your photographer’s camera, regardless what they choose to shoot with.
Manfrotto’s Befree tripod


Advanced Camera Bags

Cost:  From $44.00 - $143.00

Manfrotto’s Advanced line of camera bags is perfect for any hobbyist photographer looking to take a step up. From full-size backpacks to shoulder bags, slings, and holsters, Manfrotto’s Advanced Camera Bags are a great way to get Manfrotto quality without shelling out pro-level prices.

All of Manfrotto’s Advanced camera bags are constructed to last, with durable, water repellant fabrics and metal zip pulls and buckles. Many also feature a fold-out rain protector to separate the wet exterior of the bag from the dry interior compartment. Interchangeable dividers allow photographers to reconfigure the interior of the bags so that compartments are the perfect size, regardless what gear they’re using.

All Advanced camera bags come in an attractive black with contrasting textures and carbon detailing. Additionally, the bottom half of all Advanced bags are constructed of a rugged high-density nylon fabric to ensure that both the bag and its contents stay safe, no matter what life throws at it.

Manfrotto’s Advanced line of camera bags


Professional Camera Bags

Cost:  From $72.00 - $407.00

Serious gear requires serious protection. If you’ve got a professional photographer to buy for this holiday season, consider Manfrotto’s Professional line of camera bags. The Professional line ranges from holsters, shoulder bags, and back packs, all the way up to the Roller Bag 70, designed to accommodate 2 full-sized DSLR’s with lenses attached, up to 5 additional lenses, 2 flashes, a tablet, laptop, and tripod with room to spare.

All bags in the Professional line the same interchangeable dividers and water-repellent featured in the Advanced line of camera bags coating to keep your pro’s gear safe. The Professional line takes it a step further, though. Each of the bags in the Professional line features Manfrotto’s Exo-Tough multi-layer construction to diffuse even sharp impact shocks, and the special Camera Protection System (CPS). The CPS is engineered to give the gear these bags contain the utmost protection against whatever impact it may encounter.

The protection offered by the Manfrotto’s professional line of camera bags is simply unparalleled. If you want to give the photographer in your life the best protection available on the market for their gear, the Professional line is perfect.

Whether the photographer in your life is a weekend warrior or a die-hard pro, Manfrotto has the perfect gift. To check out what else Manfrotto has to offer, visit them online at

Manfrotto’s Professional line of camera bags

Whether you are looking for gifts for a recreational photographer or a professional photographer, Manfrotto has the perfect gifts for you!
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Manfrotto Gift Cards      

Are you still not sure what gift to buy?  Manfrotto also provides gift cards that will take the   guessing out of buying the perfect gift.  Gift card values range from $15 to $1,000 and can be the perfect gift or stocking stuffer for the Holidays.

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