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Strong, stable and reliable, a 290 tripod is the ideal tool for passionate new photographers

The 290 series was designed to accompany photographers as they develop their skills and passion for photography, gaining experience and taking their skills and style to the next level. Versatile and lightweight, a 290 is a good travel tripod too.

Key features of 290 tripods include the professional-inspired interchangeable heads that allow you to upgrade to more sophisticated equipment as your technical needs change; adjustable aluminium leg locks and sturdy construction using high quality durable materials mean that 290 tripods will serve you perfectly throughout their long useful lives. Intuitive and ergonomic controls make 290 tripods ideal for those starting out, but advanced features like the three-faceted centre column, the anti-shock collar and the independent leg angle settings mean your 290 will still be ideal years down the line.

Available in three models – two aluminium, and one carbon composite.

Transportable, without any sacrifice in camera stability

  • 290 tripods offer rigidity and stability in a compact, lightweight package
Durable and built for heavy-duty use, without any reduction in strength or performance over time
  • Every feature of a 290 is built to last and to maintain performance throughout its life, like our aluminium leg locks with adjustable tension that can be tightened to ensure wear-proof stability and reliability.
Optimizable support for your camera and helps you get great results across all photographic styles and situations
  • Challenging genres such as macro, architectural, portrait, sports and wildlife photography, make different and very specific demands of your camera and support equipment. 290 Carbons have interchangeable heads, so they can be adapted and optimized to whatever you decide to shoot next, helping you get the best possible results.

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