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501/501HDV Replaced by the New 502

06/07/2012 — 

The popular 501HDV professional tripod head and professional tripod systems have been replaced by the new “502” professional tripod heads and professional tripod systems. (technical specifications below)

The MVH502A and MVH502AH tripod heads incorporate a smooth professional fluid pan and tilt that replaces the fluid/tension pan of the 501HDV.  The PAN and TILT movements are smoothed by ball-bearing units that remove all unwanted vibration across all operating temperatures. Both heads have a variable Fluid Drag System (FDS) with adjustable cartridges. The ergonomics of the PAN fluidity controls have been noticeably improved over the 501 and the 501HDV.  We have been able to improve just about every aspect of the 501HDV; ergonomics, performance and cost as the cost of our new MVH502AH is less than the 501HDV.

This head is available in two models: the MVH502A has a 75 mm ball base, while the MVH502AH has a flat base with 3/8" thread. Both are ideally suited for the latest digital video camcorders and Hybrid DSLR cameras with medium/long lenses.  The MVH502AH is the perfect choice for sliders and mini-jibs with a 13.2 pound static weight capacity.  (8.8 pound counter balance maximum)








Pro Video MVH502A w/546B tripod

The 501HDV tripod systems have been replaced by new
systems that incorporate the MVH502A Professional Head.

The MVH502A,546BK gives you all the benefits of the new head along
with the stability of the 546B tripod system.  The system comes with a
midlevel spreader and a carrying case.



Tripod System with 701HDV Head, 547B Tripod

In addition to the changes made to the 501HDV systems we have also
replaced the 701HDV,547BK with the Manfrotto 701HDV,547BK tripod
system with carrying case. This tripod system kit for camcorders or
DSLRs up to 8.8 lb. This System combines the 701HDV Pro Fluid Head
with the brand new MVT502AM tripod. The system is for camcorders
or DSLRs up to 8.8 pounds and perfect for back packers and air travel as
it folds down smaller than any Manfrotto pro video system to date.

If you need the catalog, please download it



The MVK502AM incorporates Manfrotto’s new MVT502AM tripod
with the MVH502A head. The system is lightweight, compact and is
amazingly sturdy. The new telescoping tandem; or twin tubes are
a first for Manfrotto. The design provides the stability of a twin
tube tripod with the ease of use of a single leg tripod. Unlike the
547B tripod it replaces; the MVT502AM folds to only 29 inches
long including the head, making it a great choice for backpacking
or as a carry-on option.



MVH502A head w/535 Tripod & Bag

The 501HDV,535K is replaced by the MVK502C. The system includes
the MVH502A head, 535 carbon fiber tripod and carrying case.
The 535 tripod is the sturdiest CF tripod Manfrotto has ever made.
The system can go in low mode to a height of 16.2 inches or stand
as tall as 72.8 inches.

Telescopic Leg


Middle Spreader

System/Kit Tech Specs


  • closed length - 32.68 in
  • maximum height - 66.14 in
  • minimum height - 17.32 in
  • load capacity - 8.82 lbs;  counter balance – 13.2 lbs static
  • weight - 12.13 lbs


  • closed length - 28.35 in
  • maximum height - 60.63 in
  • minimum height - 26.57 in
  • load capacity - 4.4 lbs;  counter balance – 8.8 lbs static
  •  weight - 6.94 lbs

If you need the catalog, please download it here.