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Eddie MacDonald

“As a keen runner I love photographing movement and it's intricacies, Just catching that decisive movement moment to me is a skill and I have been developing for years and still learning. As technology changes we must adapt and use these new tools at our disposal. Lighting is changing and the way we incorporate it into our workflow has been a major leap forward, along with high ISO cameras. The future is bright, but we all still look cooler in shades!” 

Eddie MacDonald was born in North Wales and grew up in a family that never owned a camera. Consequently, he had no photographs of himself as a child or growing up but spent his entire childhood instead surrounded by music, as his mother was a keen pianist and his father a respected band leader. So it was perhaps no surprise that he developed a talent for playing guitar and was influenced more by sound rather than visual imagery in his early years.
As a young adult, Eddie moved to London with his rock band, The Alarm affording him the experience to travel the world and work with many creative photographers and video directors.

His changing environments helped him appreciate the importance of visual imagery and its role within society. He began keeping a photo diary while touring the US, Japan and Europe. His group was at the forefront of the MTV explosion in the early Eighties and this helped Eddie realise the importance of video medium.
After 15 successful years in the music industry, Eddie’s growing love & fascination with imagery inspired him to enroll in Nescott Art College and retrain as a photographer. During that time, he assisted many talented photographers. He considered himself fortunate to be at the birth of the digital photography era and was an early adapter. He also discovered Photoshop in its infancy at this time and never felt restricted by the move to digital imaging, instead choosing to embrace the benefits it had to offer.

After 15 years developing successful career as an advertising photographer, he has built an impressive client base, including McLaren, Dunlop, Slazenger, ASICS, Fitness First, O2, T-Mobile and many more.
He remains fascinated by how the industry has adapted and matured – and is always eager to learn and embrace new technology as it emerges.

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Equipment List

Phase One P45 camera
55ml & 80ml SCHNEIDER KREUZNACH Leaf Shutter Lenses

Nikon D3
Nikon D800
Nikon D3X
Nikon D2X's (2)

Manfrotto 190MF4 Magfibre
Manfrotto 055PROB + ART410 Head
Manfrotto 075 + 268 Ball Head