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Tom Bol

Tom Bol is an editorial and commercial photographer based in Colorado. He specializes in adventure sports photography, portraits and travel. He is a contributor to many publications including Digital Photo magazine.  His commercial work varies from advertising jobs for major companies to worldwide tourism campaigns. He is an instructor at Kelby Training, and Photo District News labeled him as one of the best photo workshop instructors in the country. Tom was on the list of National Geographic Adventure’s “50 of America’s Top Visionaries” for his photography, and he has been interviewed by numerous magazines about his unique lighting techniques. His book, Adventure Sports Photography; Creating Dramatic Images in Wild Places, is a popular reference for outdoor photographers. His images and stories are published worldwide by a variety of clients.

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Equipment list:
Elinchrom Ranger
Elinchrom Quadra
Skyport wireless transmitters
A and S heads
Ranger ring flash
All sizes of Octa light banks including ‘deep’ and ‘indirect’ softboxes
14x35” Rotalux Strip Bank
27”softlite reflector
Lastolite 24”  and 30” Ezybox
Lastolite Switch II Ezybox
Lastolite Trigrip reflector
Lastolite Tri-Flash brackets
Lastolite Hotrod strip softbox
Lastolite Strobo Kit
Manfrotto 175F clamps
Manfrotto Magic Arm
Manfrotto 241 FB suction mounts
Manfrotto 367B lightstand
Manfrotto 368B lightstand
Manfrotto 369HDBU 24’ lightstand
Manfrotto 9’ heavy duty boom arm
Manfrotto 535 MPRO Tripod
Manfrotto 504HD Video Head