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As You See It: Finding Your Creative Voice

From: 07/13/2014 To: 07/19/2014

Canon and Moab Paper are delighted to sponsor “As You See It”, a summer workshop combining the talents of two photo educators:  Michael Zide, instructor at Hallmark Institute of Photography and a Moab Master, who specializes in fine art black and white landscape photography;  and Jim Roselli, an industry expert in fine art digital printing and post production digital management.

Zide and Roselli infuse the class with their energy and enthusiasm, providing in-depth instruction from image capture through fine art image output.  Michael Zide shares his vision, photographic philosophy, and the insights gained from over four decades in the field of fine art landscape photography, and Jim Roselli helps students navigate the labyrinth of color management options and processing techniques that help ensure consistently high quality results needed to produce successful digital images. 

Through discussion and evaluation of work in progress, students develop an awareness of their unique visual voice and of the artistic and technical decisions that lead to successful image-making. The seacoast and woodlands offers a challenging and inspirational learning environment. Beginning each day at sunrise and continuing on for the week, students and instructors are fully immersed in all that the class demands. In addition, students learn to print with Canon Pixma Pro-1 Professional Inkjet Printers on a variety of premium papers generously supplied by Moab, the leader in the production of these materials.  

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