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SIA Expo

From: 10/19/2013 To: 10/19/2013
Pierce Community College, 6201 Winnetka Ave, Woodland Hills, CA 91371

SIA Expo is the trade show and conference of choice for Astronomy and Imaging enthusiasts residing in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding area. SIA focuses primarily on Astronomy and Outdoor Optics and Photography. October 19th, 2013 marks SIA’s first event date ever.

Free Lectures From Several Respected Experts

SIA will be featuring free lectures and lessons from noteworthy astronomer and photography experts such as Wally Pacholka, Stephen Ramsden and Seth Sholstak. Make sure to stop by and learn about the cosmos! For more information about the speakers attending SIA, visit their Speakers Page.

Sales On Entire Store Inventory!

Woodland Hills Camera and Telescopes will be having sales on it’s entire store inventory the day of the event! The latest technology items are available for you at a never before lower price. Visit Woodland Hills Camera and Telescope’s sites by visiting ( our camera site ) or TelescopeS.NET.

There will be food!

There will be a food truck at SIA with a wide range of food options that everyone can enjoy during the expo. From hamburgers to tacos; view the menu here.

Raffles Raffles Raffles!

Raffles Raffles Raffles!

SIA will be hosting tons of fun activities to enjoy with your family and friends! One of them being the awesome raffles. On October 19th ( the day of the event ) any guests attending the SIA Expo will be able to purchase a ticket into the raffle drawings. But, you have to come early because tickets for the raffles will go on sale at 10am!