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Skip Cohen University Summer Session

From: 08/11/2013 To: 08/14/2013

Welcome to SCU's first summer session, or as some people have put it, Skip's Summer School on steroids!

There is a need for something mid-year to help photographers stay focused, fine tune their skill set and recharge their battery. Over the last four years this summer program has evolved into one of the leading network builders in the industry. It’s no longer just a workshop of photographers attending to expand their expertise, but a community of people who work to help each other all year long.

Full details on the Skip Cohen University website!

We're going to help you raise the bar on the quality of your work even more than past programs. As we said with the SCU launch in Las Vegas in March, "We want you to THRIVE, not just survive!"

Hands-on Programs: There are currently ten hands-on shooting programs to choose from this year. Plus there is a two-day Intermediate Photoshop program and a business and marketing program. In addition, we’ll have five general sessions for the entire school, focusing on a variety of topics. Each attendee can choose two of the ten instructors to spend an entire day with for hands-on shooting.

Hands-on Shooting: Each instructor will be sharing ideas on a wide variety of photographic situations, usually in the classroom before you start shooting. The Doubletree Hilton offers some terrific diversity in shooting situations both indoor and out. We’ll be providing models for each class and utilizing a diverse collection of different challenges in hands-on shooting. Keeping the class size small will allow each attendee time with their instructors and the ability to build stronger relationships.

Thanks to feedback from hundreds of photographers, Skip’s Summer School has evolved into a year round hub for education, networking and expanding everyone’s marketing and business skills.  This year's summer session will take the program to its highest level yet, offering outstanding keynote speakers, hands-on shooting and more marketing and business support.

Full details on the Skip Cohen University website!