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Spirit of the Artist presented by Visions Photographic Workshops

From: 05/02/2013 To: 05/05/2013
Avon-By-The-Sea, NJ

Join Visions Photographic Workshops for Spirit of the Artist.

Enhance your awareness, creativity, and vision while making new friends at this awareness retreat at the Jersey Shore in Avon-By-The Sea. Michael S. Miller and his experienced and diverse team will facilitate you in opening your eyes to the beauty and wonder that surrounds us and we are often unaware of. Reach new heights in developing your artistic creations through mindfulness and awareness.

We will ask you to let go of your inhibitions and allow your mind, body and spirit to fill with new, refreshing thoughts. We will create a progressive and dynamic environment for learning and sharing through conversations, demos, awareness and writing exercises and personal reflections. We expect that there will be lots of laughter, fun and growth every day.

Whether a camera, brush or other medium is your preferred tool of expression this Artisan Retreat is appropriate for artist of all disciplines who want to enhance there artistry using awareness and photography to dramatically improve the quality of their creations.

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