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Sports Photography Workshop

From: 07/23/2014 To: 07/28/2014
Denver, Colorado

Be a part of an exciting and unique photography workshop based around sports with professionals from publications and agencies such as Sports Illustrated, The Associated Press, and ESPN.

Imagine having a full week to hang out and shoot Olympic athletes along side Sports Illustrated photographers while using the latest and greatest Nikon equipment. Now imagine this being a workshop in Colorado Springs where you can do all this plus so much more.

The Sports Photography Workshop has been the leader in the series of workshops known as The Summit Series of Photography Workshops brought to you by Clarkson Creative. Being a workshop based around great sport photography, the six day duration is jam packed with unique opportunites to shoot, learn, and hang out with leaders in the sports photography and publications professions.

Utilizing a diverse faculity, including photographers and editors from Sports Illustrated, The Associated Press, and other top freelance photographers, you will be able to network and get your work in front of those almost impossible to elsewise. Work in the field as well as in classroom settings while taking advantage of Nikon Professional Services on staff with all the latest and greatest cameras and lenses. Take the next step in your career while learning from the best in the business.

The workshop will be held Wednesday July 23 through Monday July 28, 2013, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. For more information or to register, please visit