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Sue Flood presents: Cold Places – From the North Pole, to the Antarctic and in between!

From: 05/07/2013 To: 05/07/2013
Free Online Webinar

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In this free online webinar Sue Flood will reveal some of her amazing behind the scenes adventures on Planet Earth, The Blue Planet and as an expedition photographer, both above and below the waves, and find out if wildlife filmmaking and photography is as glamorous a job as it sounds!

Sue Flood is an award-winning professional wildlife photographer, filmmaker and author, who spent 11 years with the world-renowned BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol, fulfilling a lifelong ambition to work with her childhood (and adult!) hero Sir David Attenborough. Sue was Assistant Producer on “The Blue Planet” and field assistant and photographer on “Planet Earth”, as well as the Disneynature movie “Earth”. She also produced a number of BBC wildlife documentaries on killer whales, polar bears and the Inuit of the Canadian high Arctic, before leaving the BBC in 2005 to concentrate on her photography full-time. She is represented by Getty Images.

Sue’s adventures have taken her from camping at -40°C with Inuit hunters in the Arctic, working on Russian icebreakers on trips to the North Pole, and swimming with leopard seals in the Antarctic, although she gets to thaw out in places like Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific too! Having been working in the Polar regions since 1996, it was natural that her first book, Cold Places, featured some of her favourite images from the Arctic and Antarctic. Cold Places was recognised in the International Photography Awards 2011 and was the inspiration for her first solo exhibition at the Getty Gallery, sponsored by Canon.

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