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Manfrotto 390 Series

03/01/2011 — 

The 390 range is made up of pro look-alike, lightweight and easy to use kits for compact and bridge cameras, entry level DSLRs and handycams. The ergonomic controls and quality construction ensures an easy operation and setup, while the versatile features offer a more creative shooting experience for those who want to improve their photography.

The 390 tripods incorporate an extendable column with a secure lock to give extra height and a reliable rigidity. The 2-angle leg adjustments allows for creative low angle shooting, while the easy to use quick flip leg lock system ensures a carefree and quick set-up. The all- metal construction provides a quality that is unique to this product category, creating steadfast robustness yet light weight. The aluminum tubes come in variable sizes, with the shorter providing maximum compactness, the regular giving the best mix between stability and compactness and the large size providing maximum stability. They are also fixed with non-slip rubber feet to create a safer steadiness on different surfaces. The 390 is a versatile and comprehensive range of kits, comprising of photo and photo-movie heads, with a choice of a fixed plate or a quick release plate for maximum speed. The versatile photo-video heads are also uniquely complimented with an aluminum construction, ensuring smooth movements.

• Easy to use locking collar system
• 2-angle leg adjustments
• Compact and lightweight
• Metal construction
• Photo-video applications
• Quick and easy to set up
• Different kits for different needs
• Ideal for traveling with light weight and compact dimensions
• High quality and steadfastness
• Compact heads for both photo and video application

MK394-PD MK394-PQ MK394-H
MK393-PD MK393-H MK393S-PD
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390 Series - Tutorial Video from Manfrotto on Vimeo.

390 Series - Tutorial Video

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