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Manfrotto Distribution Adds New Aluminum Single Leg Tripod To Its Popular 535 Series

08/15/2014 — 

Upper Saddle River, N.J. (August 20, 2014) – Manfrotto, a leading global innovator and manufacturer of premium photo, video, and lighting support products and accessories, has unveiled its new 535 Aluminum Single Leg Tripod (MVT535AQ). Sturdy, reliable, compact, and incredibly easy-to-use, the new 535 aluminum tripod is the perfect camera support solution to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s videographer. Also introduced to the 535 series is the MVT535HH, an aluminum Hi-Hat tripod for low-level or ground shooting, slider support and table-top applications. 

Compared to its carbon fiber counterpart, the MVT535AQ features an additional 4th leg section, which allows the tripod to be even more compact and transportable. While more compact, the 535 aluminum tripod maintains the same maximum operating height of 67.3 inches and thanks to its leg angle selector (23°, 50°, 70°), users can adjust from eye-level to ground, with a minimum height of 8.9 inches.

A true workhorse, the new 535 can support a maximum load of 44 pounds, ensuring the accommodation of popular HDSLRs and standard video cameras rigged and outfitted with commonly used accessories. Users will also be able to use the new 535 with a number of video heads as the tripod comes with a 75mm half-bowl and Manfrotto’s MVA060T adapter, which conveniently converts the bowl down to 60mm.

Manfrotto’s new 535 Aluminum Single Leg Tripod (MVT535AQ) is available for $367.00 and the MVT535HH is available for $267.00.  Kits are also available that pair the MVT535AQ with a Manfrotto Bridging Technology  500, 502 or 504 Pro Video Head and bag:

·         The MVK500AQ: the MVT535AQ tripod plus MVH500AH fluid video head (flat base) - $545.00

·         The MVK502AQ:  the MVT535AQ tripod plus MVH502AH fluid video head (flat base) - $625.00

·         The MVK504AQ:  the MVT535AQ tripod plus 504HD fluid video head - $890.00

All items are available at retailers nationwide.

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About Manfrotto (Vitec Group) –

Manfrotto is the world leader in the design, production and distribution of professional products for photography, video and entertainment. The company was founded in 1972 based on Lino Manfrottos experience, and its mission has always been to support and simplify the work of reporters, photographers and producers. The Imagine More project adds to this historical mission the idea of fuelling the enthusiasm of weekend photographers and supporting the surge of new amateurs. Part of the UK-based Vitec Group since 1989, Manfrotto has now become a worldwide presence. In its eight key markets Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Hong Kong and the United States it is represented by its own direct distribution system, Manfrotto Distribution, whereas in 80 other countries sales are handled by independent distributors. Through the Imaging Division of Vitec Group, Manfrotto Distribution owns the following leading international brands: Manfrotto, Gitzo, Lastolite and Avenger and is the U.S. distributor of Elinchrom, Gossen, National Geographic, Metz, and Rotatrim.