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Manfrotto Introduces KLYP+ Photography and Videography Accessories for iPhone 5/5s

07/02/2014 — 

New KLYP+ iPhone Case and Accessories Offer Stylish, Compact Protection and Provide High-Quality Photo and Video Solutions

Upper Saddle River, N.J. (July 2, 2014) – Manfrotto, a leading global innovator and manufacturer of premium photo and video support products and accessories, announces its new KLYP+ line of iPhone accessories and Pixi tripod, offering a user-friendly, intuitive and compact solution designed for photographers and videographers seeking ease of use, quality and style.


Designed specifically for iPhone 5/5s users, Manfrotto’s KLYP+ enables users to easily transform their phone into an all-in-one photographic solution, resulting in high-quality images and videos. The foundation of the KLYP+ system is the innovative KLYP+ bumper, a tough polycarbonate case that provides excellent protection from scratches and drops, while serving as a rail-system for LED lights, lenses and tripod mount attachments. The bumper comes equipped with a lanyard and kickstand that doubles as a ¼ attachment, and features a lens thread connection that allows users to easily screw in one of three custom interchangeable lenses.  Ideal for iPhone5/5s users who love to capture special moments in style, The KLYP+ bumper is available in black, red, white, and pink. Available now at retailers nationally, the KLYP+ bumper is listed at $34.00. Additional items in the KLYP+ line of products include:


·         KLYP+ Lenses: Manfrotto presents a set of three interchangeable lenses, allowing users to create extraordinary effects by simply screwing them into the KLYP+ bumper thread. Each lens is crafted out of solid aluminum and outfitted with thick, high-clarify glass.  The KLYP+ lenses include portrait lens, landscape lens, and fisheye lens, available as a set for $73.00.

·         KLYP+ LED Light: The new portable and lightweight Manfrotto KLYP+ LED light features Surface Mount Technology, which guarantees bright images in low-light conditions and an ideal soft fill light. The selection of high quality LEDs ensure vivid colors and natural skin tones in pictures and videos, proven by the high color rendition (CRI Index > 80%). The LED light is also dimmable at three different levels of intensity and it can be simply recharged with a USB connector, which is included. The LED light comes with a built-in tripod mount, a standard ¼ attachment on the bottom, ensuring stability and a point of attachment to any tripod. The small support has been specifically designed to easily connect to both the light and the four locking points positioned on the bumper through an intuitive sliding rail system. The product provides a great two-in-one solution, as it is extremely compact and portable in any situation. The KLYP+ LED light is listed for $73.00.

·         KLYPapp+: With the new KLYP+ product line, Manfrotto also introduces the new KLYPapp+, an improved and more complete version of the previous application that allows users to take hands-free pictures, and provides the possibility to set the focus and exposure manually, apply filters, frames and watermarks to picture or video, for easy-to-use post-production software. The upgraded app also allows users to boost their video recording experience by adding unique features, such as time lapse and stop motion. KLYPapp+ is available in the App Store for $0.99.


Additionally, Manfrotto offers photographers and videographers with the Pixi tripod, a support that functions as the ideal complement to the KLYP+ for added support to on-the-go users. It’s designed to easily prop up the iPhone and provide a platform that can be used virtually anywhere, and can be neatly stored in a pocket or camera bag. Portable and lightweight, the Pixi tripod is made from stainless steel and Adapto for high quality, and rubber feet to guarantee a stable and slip-free surface. In addition to pairing Pixi with the KLYP+ case, it can also be paired with a variety of digital devices, including compact cameras, CSC’s and entry-level DSLR’s. The Pixi weighs eight ounces and holds up to 3.3lbs, it has a height of five inches when legs are open and seven inches when legs are closed. The Manfrotto Pixi is available in black, white, red and pink for the reasonable price of $28.00.


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