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Manfrotto Introduces a Carbon Fiber version of its BeFree Tripod

08/11/2014 — 

Upper Saddle River, N.J. (August 11, 2014) – Manfrotto, a leading global innovator and manufacturer of premium photo, video, and lighting support products and accessories, has unveiled its new BeFree Carbon (MKBFRC4-BH) tripod, which is designed to maximize compactness and portability without compromising sturdiness and image quality.  

Featuring 100 percent carbon fiber legs to ensure rigidity and transportability, the BeFree Carbon weighs only 2.4 lbs., making it 20 percent lighter that its aluminum counterpart. Its unique design that allows the ball head to nest within the legs when folded enables it to reach a folded length of just 15.7 inches, making it the ultimate travel companion for photographers. Additionally, the BeFree Carbon comes with a custom padded carry bag that makes it easy and comfortable to carry everywhere. The bag’s extra padding makes it convenient to pack in standard luggage or backpacks protecting the tripod from any accidental damage.

The BeFree Carbon features an aluminum ball head that is equally durable and easy to operate, delivering sharp images by keeping the user’s camera steadily locked in the desired position. It can safely hold 8.8 lbs., ensuring superior stability even with long zoom lenses, and its new patented leg selectors allows users to quickly select between two different settings for maximum versatility. The leg locks ensure long life, even after harsh usage. Made in Italy, the BeFree Carbon delivers a sleek design with attention-grabbing graphics that allows users to express their own photographic style through their gear.

“We added a carbon fiber model to the BeFree range of tripods based on the demand from users who desired an ultra-light, compact, and highly durable travel tripod,” said Paul Zakrzewski, Director of Marketing at Manfrotto Distribution. “The BeFree Carbon provides exceptional camera stability and enhanced transportability due its reduced weight and functionality, while allowing photographers to capture stunningly precise and sharp images. Photographers will no longer have to compromise on picture quality because they couldn’t carry their tripod.”

“The new BeFree Carbon tripod takes the BeFree range for passionate traveling photographers to a new level,” added Jodi Palm, Category Manager Supports at Manfrotto Distribution. “This attractive, uniquely designed photographic support tool makes users stand out from the crowd and allows them to express their innovative photographic style, wherever their travels take them.”

While the BeFree Carbon comes with a convenient carrying case, Manfrotto recently released its Advanced Travel Backpack (MB MA-BP-TRV) model from its Advanced Bags Collection, which features a unique carrying slot in the extendable side-padded pocket, and is designed to fit the BeFree and other compact travel tripods. The interior of the backpack was created to provide the durability, flexibility and ease of use that travel-minded photo enthusiasts demand.

Manfrotto’s new BeFree Carbon retails for $389 and the Advanced Travel Backpack for the BeFree tripod retails for $165. Both items are available now at retailers nationwide.

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