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Manfrotto Unveils New 190 and 055 Tripod Series with the XPRO 3-Way Head

07/01/2014 — 

Upper Saddle River, N.J. (July 1, 2014) – Manfrotto, a leading global innovator and manufacturer of premium photo and video support products and accessories, is refreshing its popular 190 and 055 lines with the introduction of innovative new tripods and kits, which pair seamlessly with its new XPRO 3-way head.  Both the 190 and the 055 series feature new tripods in both carbon fiber and aluminum, as well as three and four section models.

190 Tripod Series

The new 190 series is a unique tripod that is both lightweight and compact and offers ultra-versatile settings that make it easier to release the imagination and creativity of every photographer. The new 190 maintains all the history and heritage of this core Manfrotto family, but sets a new industry benchmark with a host of elegantly simple innovations and practical improvements. The new 190 is available in aluminum and carbon fiber versions, three and four sections as well as tripod kits. Enhanced features of the 190 series include:

·         New Quick Power Lock system: The new 190 is quicker and easier than ever to deploy and adjust, thanks to the new Quick Power Lock (QPL) leg lever design which provides a strong, ultra-fast and ergonomic locking system that allows for complete extension of the legs with one-hand in a single movement.  

·         Compact and portable: One of the most innovative aspects of the new 190 is its compactness, which yields easier portability. It’s easy to carry anywhere, without taking up ample space in your bag. The new patented 90° column is accessible with a ‘one-finger’ operation, which lifts the mechanism out of the casting and allows the center column to swing to the horizontal position, with no disassembly and without removing the head or camera. Additionally, the new flat upper disk and the four section model have a more compact closed dimension, reaching any position and opening new shooting possibilities.

·         Integrates with accessories: The new 190 allows photographers to create a portable photographic studio, with the new “easy link plug,” which enables instant connection between the tripod and accessories, such as LED lights.

·         Smooth set up operations: The new patented Rotating Leveling Bubble is quick to set up and allows users to position the tripod more precisely. The new Leg Angle Selectors are also easy to set up, since they apply the most innovative ergonomic standards and prevent fingers and nails from being trapped in the upper casting.

·         Stylish design and detail: The entire shape of the tripod has been modified to be more manageable and stylish. The complete redesign of its functional elements shows particular attention to aesthetics and details, including the two legwarmers now made of comfortable rubber to prevent the conduction of heat and cold in extreme weather conditions.

The new 190 tripods are available at retailers nationally, for prices ranging from $245.00 - $478.00

055 Tripod Series

Manfrotto renews its best-known and most successful product line with a complete range of 055 tripods and tripod kits. The 055 offers an innovative style that’s distinct, with bold, clean shapes and lines dictated by function. The premium, unique and high-quality Manfrotto product is designed and made in Italy.  The new 055 tripods are available in aluminum and carbon fiber models, three and four sections.

·         Unprecedented strength: With the new QPL, the 055 guarantees camera stability, and the strength of the new leg lock system increases the load capacity. The tripod holds up to 19.8 pounds and it’s 50 percent more rigid than its predecessor. QPL single-hand opening mechanism is simple and easy, and drastically reduces set up time for the user.

·         Redesigned Q90 center column: The new horizontal center column is quickly-accessible with a “one finger” operation. This mechanism, combined with the four leg angles, allows the new 055 to smoothly reach numerous camera positions, maintaining the safety and stability of the user’s gear.

·         Easy link attachment: The easy link attachment converts the 055 into a portable photography studio, allowing users to simply attach an arm with an LED light, a reflector, or any other accessory, going beyond the boundaries of classic tripod functionality.

·         Redesigned upper disc: The new flat upper disc comes with a bubble level that rotates 360 degrees, assuring it’s always in the best position for the user, and never fails inconveniently under a head locking lever.


The new 055 tripods are available at retailers nationally, for prices ranging from $267.00 - $556.00.

XPRO 3-Way Head


The XPRO 3-Way Head is Manfrotto's most compact, precise and reliable 3-way photographic head that is available as a standalone model and also in kit configurations to pair seamlessly with the 190 and 055 tripods. The head has been designed to ensure three essential aspects to both the amateur and the professional photographer: portability through retractable levers, precision guaranteed by friction controls and reliability due to its aluminum body. The compact closed size that makes the 3-way head so easy to pack and carry is its retractable levers that can be extended when needed. It supports up to 17.6 pounds, but only weighs 2.2 pounds, and with the levers retracted and folded to the most compact position, the head’s dimension is only 5.3”W x 5.3”D x 5.1”H. The standalone head is priced at $156.00 and can be purchased at retailers nationally. Kits are available with Manfrotto’s XPRO 3-Way Head and aluminum 190 or 055 tripods at retailers nationally and range from $378.00 - $400.


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