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Manfrotto launches a brand new blog to reveal the most inner sides of photography

08/02/2012 — 

Inspirational images and the stories they tell, from everyday to the unexpected: Manfrotto, the world leader in the design, production and distribution of equipment and accessories for the photography and imaging industry, is proud to announce the launch of, a brand new blog designed to captivate, engage and interact with all imaging enthusiasts around the hidden meanings of pictures.

Available in 5 different languages (English, French, German, Italian and Simplified Chinese) and updated several times each week, the blog is focused on four key themes:

- Personality: Every picture is a self-portrait. This part of the blog hosts a number of features aimed to discover to most personal meaning of each picture. For example, each week a psychologist will analyse different types of profile picture, giving his verdict and explaining what the pictures say about the person.

- Physicality: This section is dedicated to how people across the globe capture, preserve and share the moments that make up the world around them.

- Popularity: Here it is possible to find the explanation of what makes some images more popular than others and why they resonate.

- Practicality
: An interesting section focused on giving practical tips, discovering useful apps, handy sites and insider secrets.

Going through these key themes of the blog, all imaging enthusiasts will have a real journey across the wide and variegated world of photography, getting involved in every single step of the whole experience, whether it’s sending in a photo summing up the weekend to win a prize, or letting the psychologist scrutinize the Flickr album. Each section aims to go deep in all the different aspects that make photography such a magical passion, able to involve millions of people from years.

Simona Colombo, Communications Director Imaging at Manfrotto, said: “The programme enables us to connect with our audience by inviting them to be part of the conversation. Not only do we want them to keep taking and sharing photos, but we want to make them conscious of what they’re doing and ultimately better at it”.

Boasting more than 40 years of leadership in supporting people’s imagination, with Manfrotto gives birth to a new way to communicate around photography, embracing and exploring also the closely related topics. The Manfrotto Imagine More Blog is linked also to the Facebook and Twitter pages, proposing extra content, spot prizes and all the latest updates.

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