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Manfrotto presents: X-Pro 3-Way Head

02/21/2014 — 

Manfrotto is proud to announce the launch of the new X-PRO 3-WAY HEAD, designed for photographers who want maximum precision from a compact size.

The new Manfrotto head has been designed to ensure three essential aspects to both the amateur and the professional photographer: portability through retractable levers, precision guaranteed by friction controls and reliability thanks to its aluminium body.

Discover the new X-PRO 3-WAY HEAD.

Pocket Support Small Black

X-PRO 3-Way Head with retractable levers & friction controls

For anyone serious about photography, a tripod is an essential piece of equipment for sharp, clear photos in low light or with moving subjects. However, carrying a complete tripod and head takes up a lot of space in a photographer’s bag and means extra weight to carry.

This is why the new X-PRO 3-WAY HEAD has been designed to occupy as little space as possible, with retractable levers that can be extended when needed, but remain extremely compact when not in use. The X-PRO measures just 13cm x 13.5cm x 13.5cm (5.1” x 5.3” x 5.3”) when folded: nearly as tiny as a ball head.


Friction Control
Manfrotto has once again focused on the details that help make every picture perfect and has equipped the X-PRO 3-WAY HEAD with friction controls. Friction on the pan and tilt axes can be set to balance the weight of the camera even when the locking knobs are open, allowing fine framing adjustments to be made before the shot is locked down.


Leveling bubbles
The head has three small leveling bubbles that help the photographer set the shot even more precisely in-camera, reducing post-production work.

Discover the new X-PRO 3-WAY HEAD.