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Storytelling with Heart

From: 03/06/2014 To: 04/11/2014


Take an idea, fully discover it, and construct a powerful story every time.

The world is full of filmmakers and we all want to express ourselves uniquely. Taking a story in our minds eye and bringing it to life is one of the largest challenges we face as filmmakers. There is a universal structure that serves as the backbone of what make a truly remarkable story.

We'll share our method for taking any idea and constructing it into a powerful story. Then we'll take several of the stories you submit (via email a week out) and apply the method with you, right away.


Everything is possible. With the right approach every story can be remarkable despite, and sometimes because of, the challenges you face.

The biggest mistake we often fall into in making a film is focusing so much the actual shot or deliverable that we neglect how we get there, the experience of bringing that film to life. Learn how to set the right expectations, create excitement for people to work with you again, and create the reality that fosters remarkable stories.

Telling a remarkable story inevitably means you’ll come head-to-head with several things that will feel impossible. It’s all an illusion, and it’s all solvable. We’ll share proven ways of becoming more creative in your problem solving and how to shake up your perspective.


Taking an idea and building it into a blueprint with incredible potential is the first step, but there are many more that we need to follow. You can create your own reality, and bring an approach to set that will allow you to tell strong stories every time.

Conducting an interview is the perfect example of a part of filmmaking that we so often attribute to luck, rather than our approach. An interviewee is a reflection of you. A 'good' or 'bad' interview is in your hands with everything you choose to do. You'll be able to conduct interviews in a way that leads to more emotional responses and happier clients. 

We'll discuss specific ways to bring your reality to set and put it to the test with interactive exercises right away.


Rediscover your passion for filmmaking and create a plan for believing in every film you make.

It’s one thing to see where you want to go, but it’s so critical to also develop an actionable plan on how you are going to get there. We can help with that. We’ll discuss how to set smart goals, create budgets, and stay focused.

The goal is for you to leave empowered with everything you need to start attracting the right clients (and team members) while also moving your filmmaking in the direction you'd like to go.


Get familiar with a new breed of tools that unleash an incredible potential for storytelling.

With so many options out there for the cameras, lenses, and tools, how do we choose which are distractions and which will truly help us become better storytellers? We believe it all comes down to being a proactive versus a reactive storyteller and arming yourself with tools that make that possible. We’ll demonstrate some of our favorite tools including the Freefly Movi, Canon 1DC, C100, as well as tools from Kessler, Westcott, Rode, and more.

We'll also get hands on. Each workshop includes the opportunity to join Stillmotion and the Story & Heart team for an in the field shoot the day following the workshop. Try the gear (Movi, C100, 1DC, lenses, and more), ask questions, and get a chance to shoot with filmmakers in your area.

On day 1, the workshop runs from 9-5pm with an hour long break for lunch. That is followed by an in-the-field shoot with the Story & Heart team from 9am-noon the following day.

Here's what you won't learn.

Camera settings, movement, or lens choice. Tips and tricks for working with a DSLR, lighting or audio gear (though you could ask about these on the in-the-field shoot).

Storytelling With Heart is all about becoming a remarkable storyteller. That happens inside each of us, not with a camera, lens, or Steadicam. If you’re looking for concrete tips and tricks on how to bring your film to life - on the gear, settings, and tools - check out our online course Story First Documentary Filmmaking, included in the second bundle.

Here is our promise.

We're so confident that you'll be telling more remarkable and impactful stories that within one year of our time together if you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund the cost of the workshop to you!  Now to be completely fair, if the demand for your work has increased as we anticipate, you owe us twice the cost of the workshop. 

OK... so we were only serious about the refund part!

Winnipeg, MB — March 29th 2014

Calgary, AB — April 1st 2014

Vancouver, BC — April 4th 2014

Seattle, WA — April 6th 2014

Portland, OR — April 11th 2014