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KLYP+ is the brand new all-in-one photographic solution exclusively designed by Manfrotto to satisfy the needs of iPhone® users who love to capture special moments, shooting pictures or recording videos to share with friends.
Manfrotto KLYP+ has a clever and appealing design which makes it a premium product in the wide market of iPhone® accessories. The photographic bumper is the basis of the overall KLYP+ system: a set of three interchangeable lenses, a brand new LED light and a tripod mount. It also features an additional lanyard, able to offer maximum safety while shooting pictures and videos and a kickstand which provides basic support to the bumper and the ability to connect with any tripod. Thanks to this stylish, intuitive and compact range of accessories the iPhone® experience can be transformed into that of a real camera.

for iPhone® 5/5S

For owners of the iPhone® 5/5s, the Manfrotto KLYP+ offers you an all-in-one photographic solution with a compact and stylish range of accessories: a bumper case, a set of three interchangeable lenses and a brand new LED light with built-in tripod mount.