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Hydrostatic Ball Head with RC5 Rapid Connect Plate (501PL)

Hydrostatic Ball Head with RC5 Rapid Connect Plate (501PL)
Hydrostatic Ball Head with RC5 Rapid Connect Plate (501PL)

Part # 468MGRC5
Limited availability.


Hydrostatic ball head with RC5 rapid connect system.
    • accurate degree markings

      Accurate degree markings on rotation axes allow for precise positioning of the camera.

    • ball friction

      Separate control for pre-setting the friction of the ball when unblocked.

    • repositionable ratchet lever

      A repositionable ratchet means that the locking lever's action will never be blocked either open or closed by interference with the camera body, tripod shoulder, etc. Simply pull the lever outwards and it's free to be positioned more comfortably without affecting the locking mechanism; then you can continue tightening or loosening the knob.

    • secondary security lock

      This head features a secondary security lock so you can't accidentally release the plate (and camera) without meaning to. The lock stops the quick release lever from opening fully.

    • separate pan lock

      A separate lock on the panoramic axis allows for rotation adjustment or panning to be carried out without losing framing.

    • sturdy all-metal construction

      Sturdy all-metal construction.

    • double 90° groove

      The double 90° groove (one on each side of the head) means switching from landscape to portrait is convenient however you're set up.

    • ergonomic

      Ergonomic and easy to use.

    • weight-saving construction

      Materials, design and construction techniques have been carefully selected to help save weight without sacrificing stability or strength.

    • hydrostatic locking mechanism

      The Hydrostat ball locking system is based on a chamber containing fluid, which, when pressurized by the tightening of the lock knob, exerts an even locking force on the ball. The evenness of the force applied by this system compared to the traditional mechanical blocking technique is what gives this head its remarkable load capacity. The Hydrostat system also reduces framing deviation during blocking for greater accuracy.

    • hydrostatic locking system

      Hydrostatic Locking System

    • low center of gravity

      By keeping the head and camera mounting plate as low as possible, the camera is kept safely closer to the tripod's center of gravity for more stable support.

    • manfrotto world first

      Manfrotto World First

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  • Attachment 3/8'' female thread attachment type 3/8'' female thread attachment type
    Ball Friction Setting yes yes
    Color black color black color
    Independent Pan Lock yes yes
    Lateral Tilt -90° / +90° tilt range -90° / +90° tilt range
    Material magnesium magnesium
    Panoramic Rotation 360 ° 360 °
    Patent pat. pending pat. pending
    Plate Type quick release sliding plate - with 2x1/4'' and 2x3/8'' screws + vhs pin quick release sliding plate - with 2x1/4'' and 2x3/8'' screws + vhs pin
    Quick Release yes yes
    Secondary Safety System yes yes
    Load Capacity 26.46 lbs 12 kg
    Weight 1.54 lbs 0.700 kg
    Working Height 12 12