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KLYP case for iPhone® 4/4S + ML120 LED light + POCKET tripod

KLYP case for iPhone® 4/4S + ML120 LED light + POCKET tripod
KLYP case for iPhone® 4/4S + ML120 LED light + POCKET tripod

Part # MKPL120KLYP0
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This Manfrotto KLYP kit provides everything you need to improve your videocalls, skype chats or hangouts - the ML120 POCKET light provides the little bit of flattering extra light on your face as you talk, and the POCKET tripod hold your phone steady so your conversation partners see your picture clearly, well-framed and shake-free.

The KLYP case stays on your iPhone at all times, but the light and tripod can be quickly snapped on when you need them, or removed when you don't. Both the light and tripod are small and light enough to fit in your pocket or bag. When the light and tripod aren't attached, the KLYP case remains sleek, uncluttered and without protrusions, thanks to Manfrotto's unique rail system. The same system allows the light and tripod to be attached at any of four different points around the case to allow landscape and portrait images to be taken with ease. The LED light can be mounted to face either forwards or backwards, to illuminate for either iPhone camera.

The two KLYP snap-on adaptors have photo industry-standard fittings (¼'' thread and flash shoe, respectively) so you can also interchange the accessories you attach to your iPhone.

The KLYP case works as a standard iPhone 4/4S case: its two-part construction closes securely around the phone, protecting it against damage but leaving all phone controls easily accessible. KLYP is made of a rigid polycarbonate with a soft-touch coating giving it a silky smooth appearance, and with a felt lining to ensure it won't scratch your phone.
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