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LED Light - Midi-36 Hybrid (420lx@1m), Dimmer, 4x Flash

LED Light - Midi-36 Hybrid (420lx@1m), Dimmer, 4x Flash
LED Light - Midi-36 Hybrid (420lx@1m), Dimmer, 4x Flash

Part # ML360H
Limited availability.


The ML360H Midi Hybrid LED light is an ideal hobby light for those shooting both video and photos on compact cameras or entry level DSLRs. It can be hand-held, fitted to numerous Manfrotto supports via its standard ¼” thread or mounted on a flash shoe, either horizontally or vertically thanks to the DUO feature with its two shoe attachments. This also allows multiple ML series lights to be stacked together to give a stronger light.

As a Hybrid LED light, the ML360H has a flash setting, triggered by a sync cable, that emits a pulse of light four times brighter than the maximum continuous light it can produce.

When used as a continuous light source, the ML360H's 36 LEDs emit continuous light at a constant temperature of 5600°K (daylight), with an illuminance of 420 LUX at a distance of 1m. Its infinitely variable dimmer allows precise control over light output and exposure. An ML360H is a convenient, compact and portable light source. The cone of light it produces is diffuse and soft-edged; with no heat generated and with a beam of around 30°, it can illuminate a person standing 3m (10ft) away, making it ideal for many close-range applications such as interview lighting, Vox Pops, casual or social video. It can be used off-camera as a macro photography light without overheating delicate subjects. When fitted onto a DSLR hotshoe, a handy 3200K LED lights the camera controls to assist you in low light conditions.

The ML360H takes 4xAAA batteries, which will keep it lit at full brightness for around 60 minutes, depending on the battery type. LEDs also have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs and are more shock-resistant.
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  • Mounting Method Double Shoe Mount Double Shoe Mount
    Battery life - Alkaline 45 min 45 min
    Battery life - NiMh (1000mAh) 1 hr 1 hr
    Battery Type 4 x AAA 4 x AAA
    Beam Angle 30 degrees 30 degrees
    Color Temperature 5600 K 5600 K
    Dimmable 0%-100% 0%-100%
    Flash Mode yes yes
    Luminosity 126 lumen 126 lumen
    Lux @ 1m 420 420
    Number of LEDs 36 36
    Recycle time 110 ms 110 ms
    Weight 0.44 lbs 0.200 kg