Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand


A 'catch-all' category where you'll find everything from the 322RS electronic shutter release (and related cables for camera connection), to 3/8' - 1/4' adapters, spiked feet for tripods and monopods, panoramic levelling systems, low angle adapters, replacement center columns, short columns, table- and wall-mounts, clamps, car window mounts and more.


A wide choice of complementary accessories adds further versatility to the stands range.


A wide range of clamps and grips to hold lights and accessories wherever you need them, in the studio and on location - no matter what the size of the object to be supported or the surface to clamp to.


Lighting booms and boom stands provide the ideal unobtrusive way to position lighting and reflector equipment directly above the subject. The incredible number and variety of flash and continuous lights used, as well as their positioning requirements,...


Our extremely modular background support system is reliable, simple to use and fl exible enough to match most of your support needs for paper, drapable, hand-painted or canvas backgrounds, in the studio or on location. For core mounted backgrounds the...


Clips and cable clips to holds light panels or cables.


Various extensions to increase the maximum height of your stands adding increased flexibility.

Panels And Holders

Accessories for Still Life.

Pump Cups

Pump cups allow you to mount small lights and accessories from walls, floors, doors, ceilings, windows, mirrors or any other smooth surfaces where no other mount can go.

Sky Track System

The Sky Track system uses ceiling-suspended rails to mount lights and lighting modifiers underneath carriages and pantographs, keeping the studio/set floor completely clear.


Various wheel solutions that accommodate light stands for different applications.


All Manfrotto adapters provide for a high level of customization, thanks to a wide range that can accept any lighting fixture, in order to match any requirement.


The ultimate adjustable lighting pole system can be used to create a background support, structure a lighting grid, or for hundreds of other studio and outdoor applications. Its unique single action cantilever locking system exerts the correct amount...

Camera Stands

Accessories for camera stands.


Hooks for super clamps.

Microphone & Speakers

Adapter and microphone holders.


Poles for the Sky Track System.


Safety system for stands.


Photo and video general accessories.

Tilt Heads

Tilt heads helps support your lighting products, are compatible with all branded flashguns and are provided with a socket that is designed to hold a photographic umbrella.