Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand

Sky Track System

The Sky Track system uses ceiling-suspended rails to mount lights and lighting modifiers underneath carriages and pantographs, keeping the studio/set floor completely clear.

Top System

Complete kit for small studios composed of 3 rails 3m long (two fixed and one mobile) and supports for 2 light sources.


The pantograph is made of aluminum (P-Al MgSi UNI 3569) and manufactured according to DIN 15560-46. The attachments at both ends of the pantograph are 16mm, male on the bottom and female on the top. The load is supported by a steel cable of 2mm. diameter...

Top Twist

Large lighting banks can be hung from the ceiling and manuevered using the top twist, thanks to its combination of tracks, rails, carriages and remotely controlled motor groups.