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Manfrotto launches a new collection of ADVANCED camera bags

10/21/2013 — 

Manfrotto launches new collection of ADVANCED camera bags - a must-have for passionate photographers

Manfrotto US has launched its brand-new Advanced Collection of 12 camera bags in six styles, designed for passionate photographers looking for full-featured, reliable equipment that share the Manfrotto heritage

Manfrotto Advanced camera bags feature hard-wearing fabrics, superior construction quality, and an elegant design. They act as a tool to support hobbyist photographers to learn and develop, by carrying and protecting the equipment they use to take great photographs to share proudly.

Reliable, inspiring and elegant

The quality of Manfrotto’s products is recognised all over the world and the Advanced bags are no exception. Advanced bags are easy to use on the go: tripod holders, dividers, pockets and rain covers are all designed with great attention to the photographer’s needs, both in terms of practicality and portability. Advanced bags are made with the iconic style credentials and premium Italian design that Manfrotto is famous for.

Many options for any need

The Advanced Collection comprises six bag types, suitable for different situations and amounts of equipment. Each bag type comes in a variety of sizes and shapes designed to accommodate popular camera forms and equipment and accessory needs.

Photographers can choose from Shoulder Bags, Holsters and Slings. There are also three diferent types of Backpack available:

  • Gear Backpack, dedicated to camera gear: a single compartment with well-padded dividers for cameras, lenses and accessories
  • Active Backpack, for camera equipment as well as daily essentials such as personal items
  • Tri Backpack, dedicated to camera gear: an innovative bag that can be worn in 3 different ways: on both shoulders like a standard backpack; with the straps in an “X” formation; or with one strap across the body, as sling

Advanced bags are set to rapidly become the perfect travel mate for all passionate photographers, helping them on their journey to capture their most memorable moments.

For more information on the new Manfrotto Advanced Bags Collection visit the Manfrotto US website and dedicated product Showcase page.