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Manfrotto launches a new collection of PRO camera bags

10/21/2013 — 


The highest protection for professional camera equipment

Manfrotto US has launched its latest Professional bags collection aimed at top photographers. With this collection of 14 camera bags in five styles, Manfrotto provides professional camera equipment the best protection on the market

Defending the heart of the bag

The bags’ Camera Protection System (CPS) provides protection where it is most needed – at the centre of the bag. This is usually where the camera body and the most valuable lens are stored but, in many traditional bag designs, is also the area most likely to be damaged if the bag is dropped or mishandled, because of all the surrounding gear (lenses, flashes, clamps, spare bodies) crushing the centre.

The CPS consists of specially structured 3D foam encasing dividers at the centre of Professional bags which dampen shock and absorb and dissipate the force of impact, thus providing the superior protection a photographer would expect.
Exo-Tough Construction is a shock-deflecting design feature on the outer faces of Professional bags. This rigid multi-layer construction keeps the centre of the bag protected and spreads and lessens the force of sharp impacts.

Small details that add up to protection, practicality and durability

Thr Professional range also includes shoulder bags, backpacks and trolleys, which have feet to keep the bag and camera gear off the ground and out of the wet and dirt. They also have built-in raincovers that keep the bag and an attached tripod dry. Pocket positions, closures and sizes are all designed to meet the needs of professional photographers, with hard-wearing, rip-resistant fabrics, easy-to-use zips and durable metal fastenings. The design of the Professional bags is typical of Manfrotto – minimal, stylish and elegant.

A complete range

The new Professional collection covers the different bag types, with enough variety and versatility to ensure that there are styles and sizes to suit everyone:

  • Shoulder Bags (5 sizes)
  • Backpacks (3 sizes)
  • Holsters (4 sizes)
  • Roller Bags (2 sizes)

For more information on the new Manfrotto Pro Bags Collection visit the Manfrotto US website and dedicated product Showcase page.