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The Perfect Holiday Gift for Photographers: The Manfrotto eGift Card

12/18/2013 — 

Manfrotto Gift Cards

Photographers can be quite particular about the camera equipment they use.  With the various options to tripods, monopods, bags and other equipment, it can be cumbersome trying to find the perfect gift for that special photographer in your life.  With Christmas being less than a week away, you may even be a little stressed out that you may not receive the gift in time to have under the Christmas tree Christmas morning.

At Manfrotto, we are hoping we can help alleviate the worry and stress about buying the perfect gift for the Holidays.  Manfrotto recently released eGift Cards for the online store just in time for the Holidays.  Here are some advantages of buying an eGift Card this Holiday season:

1)  Take the Worry Out of Buying the Perfect Gift:  We all know that photographers are particular about their camera equipment.  The eGift Card is the perfect gift because photographers can use it to buy exactly what they want.

2)  eGift Cards Come in Various Dollar Amounts:  Let’s face it, camera equipment can be expensive.  A tripod can easily cost you over $200 for a baseline model.  Manfrotto eGift Cards are available in various dollar amounts so that you can stay within your Holiday budget and still take the guessing out of finding the perfect gift.  Manfrotto eGift Cards are available in $15, $25, $50, $100, $150, $200, $250, $500, $750 and $1,000 denominations.

3)  Can Schedule Delivery:  You can buy the eGift Card now and schedule when the person will receive the eGift Card via email, such as Christmas Day.  This is a perfect solution if you are buying gifts for loved ones that live far away.  You can buy it now and not have to worry if the gift card will make it to your loved ones by Christmas. 

For you procrastinators out there, you can even set it up to send the same day where the person will receive the eGift Card in their email within 30 minutes of you making the purchase.

4)  Option to Print Out Gift Card:  If you prefer the traditional route of giving a person a physical gift on Christmas day, you can even print out the eGift Card.  This way you can wrap in your special package or slip it into their stocking.  Again, this is a perfect feature for you procrastinators out there.

5)  Gift Cards Never Expire:
  You never have to worry about gift cards expiring.  Your special photographer can take their time trying to figure out what new toy they want to buy for their collection.

So it is never too late!  Manfrotto eGift Cards can be the perfect gifts for your loved ones and can take the stress out of the Holiday buying season.  What are you waiting for?  Go buy an eGift Card today!