Manfrotto ™
A Vitec Group brand

Alternative Supports

Non-conventional supports that do not require the use of a tripod.

Car Window Pods

Holders for supporting heads to a window or narrow still.


A wide range of clamps and grips to hold lights and accessories wherever you need them, in the studio and on location - no matter what the size of the object to be supported or the surface to clamp to.

Double Ball

Not strictly a tripod head, but an extremely versatile camera support for compact and 35mm cameras used in conjunction with Super Clamp 035C. Supplied with quick release camera plate and secondary safety lock.


Holders for supporting camera, flashes and monitors.

Pod With Head

Clamps to a window or narrow sill to allow you to attach a lightweight scope.


Columns for supporting camera, flashes and monitors.

Pump Cups

Pump cups allow you to mount small lights and accessories from walls, floors, doors, ceilings, windows, mirrors or any other smooth surfaces where no other mount can go.

Stabilization Systems

ModoSteady, a unique innovative-designed, ergonomic, multifunction stabilization system for lightweight camcorders.


Manfrotto's range of stands consists of different product families which differ in design and materials depending both on the applications for which they are intended and on the type of light they support.


Manfrotto supports offer a wide range of solid and user friendly products to support you in every condition.