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Carrying Solutions For Tripods

A complete range of carrying and transportation solutions designed around the tripod/head. With Manfrotto’s new carrying systems, we’ve worked from the inside out to invent new contoured bag shapes that fit your kit and offer convenient ways of setting up and breaking down faster, a “space pad” that lets you shoulder carry your tripod without risking bangs and bruises, an open backpack that keeps your hands free, your tripod protected and weight to a minimum. Whether you want a handle or strap that doesn’t even have to be removed from your tripod when you set up a shoot, or whether you need a protective shell to get your kit safely through baggage hall hell, we’re pleased to say we’ve got the solution. With innovative technical features, prime materials and first class construction methods, the quality of all our bags and carrying solutions is up to the high standards you expect from Manfrotto.



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ART Tripod Strap
Part Number: 540STRAP

USD$ 45.00

Tripod Bag, Padded - 40''/100cm
Part Number: MBAG100PN

black color 3.09 lbs

Tripod Bag, Padded - 47''/120cm
Part Number: MBAG120PN

black color 3.31 lbs

Padded Tripod Bag 80cm
Part Number: MBAG80PN

black color 1.76 lbs

Tripod Bag for Digi Tripods
Part Number: MBAGD


Tripod Shoulder Strap
Part Number: MSTRAP-1


Tripod Handle Strap
Part Number: MSTRAP-2

Compare up to 3 products