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Sympla Rig

Hybrid HDSLR cameras and ever-smaller pro camcorders are changing videography dramatically; yet along with the obvious advantages and opportunities presented by smaller, lighter cameras, come new problems to solve: as ENG camera operators use smaller cameras, and photographers are expected to shoot broadcast-quality video footage on their HDSLRs, both groups are finding that their camera equipment doesn’t have the ergonomic form for steady shoulder-mounted or hand-held footage; nor the attachment points for monitors, batteries, light-modifiers or accessories; nor the inherent weight that helps minimise camera shake. SYMPLA is Manfrotto’s solution to those problems: a professional modular video rig system that extends and complements new cameras, allows for stable support and framing, supports essential accessories features, offering versatility and high performance as well as comfort, safety and much simpler and faster set up than existing rigs.


SYMPLA’s name says it all - this is a professional rig system that removes the complexity present in so many others: we reduced the variety of components and streamlined the system without limiting what can be done with it. We removed screws, grouped...


With a wide range of components for different applications - like the unique Flexible Mattebox, the versatile Variable Plate, the innovative Remote Controls - customised SYMPLA supports and accessories can be assembled in seconds, without tools. You can...