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Pro Fluid Video Head with Rapid Connect Plate 357PLV

Pro Fluid Video Head with Rapid Connect Plate 357PLV
Pro Fluid Video Head with Rapid Connect Plate 357PLV

Part # 526
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USD$ 1,459.99


The 526 Professional Fluid Video Head directly addresses the heavy-duty, high-end ENG and EFP video market by offering a feature-packed fluid video head that borrows all the combined benefits of our 500 series heads with the ability to support top weight loads over 15 lbs. The 526 features a replaceable and removable pan arm rosette so if any damage occurs to the side castings, only a small part needs to be replaced; large rubber padded knobs for better grip and all the controls (tilt and pan lock, tilt drag) are located on the left side so they can be easily found. The 526 offers our most precise fluid drag system comprised of three step settings for low, medium and high drag levels (numbered 1, 2 and 3), plus the additional no-drag setting (number 0) for such occasions as snap-pans/tilts. Counterbalance is achieved through an adjustable spring for camera weights between 17.5 and 33 lbs. The built-in 4-inch half-ball adapts to a number of our tripods with a 4-inch receiver, allowing the quick leveling of the camera with the aid of the bright leveling bubble. The 526 comes with one pan arm and the long 357PLV plate.
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  • Additional Pan Handle 519LV 519LV
    Attachment 3/8'' screw attachment type 3/8'' screw attachment type
    Attachment Number 1/4'' and 3/8'' screws attachment type 1/4'' and 3/8'' screws attachment type
    Balance Control one fix spring adjustable from 17.63lbs to 33.06lbs one fix spring adjustable from 8 to 15kg
    Bubble Spirit Level (No.) 1 number 1 number
    Center Of Gravity 4.92 in 125 mm
    Color black color black color
    Counterbalance yes yes
    Counterbalanced Weight 33.07 lbs 15 kg
    Front Tilt -70° / +75° tilt range -70° / +75° tilt range
    Head Bowl 100mm 100mm
    Independent Pan Lock yes yes
    Independent Tilt Lock yes yes
    Material aluminum aluminum
    Maximum Working Temperature 140 °F 60 °C
    Minimum Working Temperature -4 °F -20 °C
    Pan Bars Included (No.) 1 number 1 number
    Pan Drag 0 plus 3 step 0 plus 3 step
    Panoramic Rotation 360 ° 360 °
    Plate Type 357PLV 357PLV
    Quick Release yes yes
    Safety Payload Weight 35.27 lbs 16 kg
    Secondary Safety System yes yes
    Sliding Travel of Plate 3.15 in 80 mm
    Tilt Drag 0 plus 3 step 0 plus 3 step
    Weight 10.14 lbs 4.600 kg
    Working Height 5.91 in 15 cm