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WTVR Spherical Panoramic Pro Head

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The 303SPH is a multi-row panoramic photography head. It has sliding plates to locate the camera over the panoramic axis of rotation, plus a sliding plate which rotates around the front/back tilt axis. This allows the camera to be rotated on both horizontal and vertical axes around the camera/lens nodal point, so multi-row panoramic photo sequences (cubic VR photos) can be taken accurately and easily. Using the 303SPH ensures that software used for photo stitching produces a precisely composed VR environment with minimum post-production intervention or software correction. All plates and rotation index guides on the 303SPH have clear markings to allow easy repositioning of the camera once nodal point position has been identified and noted down. The 303SPH's vertical bracket can be unlocked and rotated through 90° (then re-locked) so that the head takes up less space in transport, and so that the sliding plate mechanisms are protected against knocks and bumps. The 303SPH comes complete with an extra set of sliding plates for use with cameras of different sizes.

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