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tall 3-section aluminium Q90 tripod + 804RC2 QR 3way head

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PART # 190XPROL,804RC2

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Photo kit with 804RC2 head and 190XPROL tripod.

This kit for photographers matches the 190L - our tallest 190 Series tripod - with a precise, lightweight 804RC2 three-way head with quick release.

The 190L is the tallest tripod in the Manfrotto 190 Series, our most popular tripod range ever. 190s are convenient, relatively compact tripods with a smaller cross-section than our professional tripods, but with all the stability, strength and versatile features that demanding photographers need.

The 190L’s advantage over the rest of the 190 tripods is its greater extended height, which makes photographing at full height more comfortable for taller people and gives more positioning and framing flexibility to all users. The 190L isn’t just tall, however: with its independent 4 leg-angle settings, it can be set at any height between the maximum and almost ground level.

Like the shorter 190PROXB model on which it’s based, the 190L features the Manfrotto-patented Q90 system, which allows the centre column to be used vertically (as normal), or swung 90° so it becomes a horizontal arm that offsets your camera from the center of the tripod for even more framing freedom and precision at any height. The specific advantage of the Q90 system is its speed and ease of use: simply extend the column fully, press the release button, and swing the column round to horizontal; no need to remove the head or disassemble the column itself. Switching between framing and positioning setups is quicker (and safer) than ever.

The 190L has our aluminum flip leg locks with adjustable tension: they can be loosened to suit your strength and preference, and tightened to counteract any effects of wear and aging, keeping the tripod fully functional throughout its long life.

Tubing for the 3 section legs and the center column is in aluminum, as are all castings. Two of the three legs also have long padded grips on the top section, to make carrying the tripod and using it in hot or cold weather more comfortable.

Like all our professional and semi-professional tripods, the 190L can be used with almost any standard photographic head: the aluminum top disc has an industry-standard 3/8” male thread, and three optional retaining screws that block Manfrotto heads in place and stop them loosening unintentionally.

The 804RC2 is a three-way photo head ideally suited to architectural, still life and macro photography, as well as all other subjects that require accurate, precisely controlled framing. Three-way heads allow the camera’s angle of rotation against each axis to be controlled and locked independently. A built-in bubble spirit level helps set the camera quickly.

The 804RC2 is made constructed of an ultra-durable and lightweight technical polymer, chosen for its mechanical strength and resistance as well as for the weight-savings it offers. The 804RC2 easily withstands the daily rigors of the professional photographer, but is also easy to transport and carry.

A unique spring feature in the 804RC2 helps compensate for the stress of heavier loads when the camera is tilted at greater angles.

Ergonomic handles fit comfortably in the hands even after extended use.

The head uses our popular RC2 standard quick release plate, and is specially designed to accommodate the plate snugly an


Closed Length
29.92 in
Maximum Height
69.29 in
Maximum Height (with Center Column Down)
59.84 in
Minimum Height
8.07 in
Load Capacity
8.82 lbs
6.17 lbs


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