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Black Bumper+ 3 lenses (fisheye, portait 1.5X, wideangle)

Black Bumper+ 3 lenses (fisheye, portait 1.5X, wideangle)
Black Bumper+ 3 lenses (fisheye, portait 1.5X, wideangle)

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The Three-lens Kit comprises a brand new photographic bumper and a set of three interchangeable lenses specifically designed for iPhone® 5/5S.

The bumper not only protects the iPhone® from falls and scratches, but it also features a thread connection to easily screw in one of its lenses. The new Manfrotto lenses are crafted out of solid aluminium and outfitted with thick, high-clarity glass. The set includes a portrait, landscape and fisheye lens.

The Portrait lens (telephoto 1.5x) is ideal for portraiture and allows the user to truly capture the shapes and forms of the images with a correct three-dimensional outcome.

The Landscape lens (Wide angle 0.68x) lets the user capture amazing panoramas, i.e. architectural, interior and landscape shots where he may not be able to move farther from the scene to photograph it.

The Fisheye 0.28x lens is a wide angle lens that wraps photos into round, hemispherical images: perfect to modify the reality you are surrounded by to stunning effect.

Finally the kit includes an additional lanyard, which enables maximum safety whilst shooting pictures and videos and a first support for your phone, the kickstand, with a 1/4” thread attachment for easy connection to any tripod.

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