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Introducing Spectra

Spectra is the new family of Manfrotto’s professional LED Lights, designed to meet the needs of demanding videographers and photographers. Spectra LEDs excel in reliability and light quality and stands out from standard LED panels, thanks to their slim and elegant design.

Spectra Overview 1
Excellent Color Rendition

Colours are reproduced with fidelity and the skin tone of subjects are always natural.

Spectra Overview 2
Long Lasting Batteries

Thanks to the long lasting batteries (1.5 hrs on average), Spectra is ideal to be used not only in studio, but also on location.

Spectra Overview 3
Versatility & Portability

It’s extremely easy to carry Spectra LED lights wherever they are needed and to use them either on-camera or in combination with Manfrotto’s numerous complimentary accessories (stands, booms, clamps, arms..).

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Excellent Color Rendition

Getting the right lighting is the key to perfect images. Thanks to the excellent colour rendition, Spectra LED fixtures allow a high fidelity color reproduction and the skin tone of subjects is always natural. These devices are carefully designed, paying close attention to reliability and consistent flicker-free functionality

  • HiFi Colors (CRI>90)
  • Flicker Free Technology

With LED
Spectra Transitions Image

The Ideal Accessory for Photo and Video

Spectra is suitable in every situation. With Spectra, switching from a video to a photo shooting is immediate, without the complexity of a different set-up. Take a look at the video below to see the ease with which one can capture both video and still images at the same time.

Watch the Video

Artistic Tool

Spectra gives you the possibility to experiment with new lighting solutions and produce new creative effects. With Spectra, you can easily give life to your images by adding a catch-light into the subject’s eyes and by filling-in undesired shadows. Continuous lighting allows you to see real-time what you will get at the end as a result.

Ready for Challenging Videos

In difficult environments or dynamic situations, Spectra helps you to achieve great results in challenging situations. Up-and-running in few seconds, these LED lights are always there when you need to capture the moment..

Watch the video, realized with Spectra LED Lights.

Versatility and Portability

Spectra LED Lights are lightweight, compact and handy; the perfect portable lighting system. Their exceptional versatility will make them an essential tool in the equipment of every professional. Spectra LED lights can be used not only on camera, but also in combination with many other supports in Manfrotto’s product range (stands, booms, clamps, arms..).

A Range for all Needs

Spectra LED lights are available in different sizes, with varying levels of specification, to meet many different requirements. Discover the product that best fits to your needs.

  Spectra 500s Spectra 500f Spectra 900s Spectra 900f Spectra 900ft
Beam Angle
Luminance @1m


Together with each Spectra LED fixture you will be provided with a ball-head for orientation of the light with a hot-shoe attachment and a set of filters for color balancing. Optionally, an AC adaptor is available to operate Spectra LED panels by mains.

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