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STILE Holsters

Holsters are our smallest protective bags for DSLR cameras. A snug fit for reflex cameras with short lenses, Holsters have a shoulder strap so you can keep your camera out of your main bag and in hand's reach, ready to use at any moment... but protected against bumps and knocks while you're moving around between photos.

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Carries the essentials:

STILE Holsters have a special space for holding your Manfrotto Pocket table tripod and other small essential accessories like spare batteries and USB cables.


Colour and size options for a perfect fit:

Available in several sizes to fit different amounts of equipment, and in three colours to suit your style.

Protects your camera:

Well padded, water-repellant

Know someone who has a real camera at home gathering dust, just because "ufff, man, it's so heavy"?

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