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Super Professional Tripod Mark 2 - Black

Super Professional Tripod Mark 2 - Black
Super Professional Tripod Mark 2 - Black

Part # 161MK2B
3258 , 3058
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The tallest tripod in the range. Capable of providing a stable platform for cameras up to 20kg at a maximum height of 2.67m or a minimum height of 44cm! The geared center column is self-locking. The legs are braced using telescopic struts for maximum rigidity and the ability to have individually adjustable and lockable angles. Rubber feet with retractable spiked feet and level are standard equipment. Ideal for all large format cameras. Legs' diameters in mm: 40,35,30. Same as 161MK2 but black.
    • anti-rotation leg sections

      Anti-rotation tubing and leg collars make for a tripod (or monopod) that's easier and faster to open, position and close. Manfrotto uses several different types of anti-rotation system - on Magfiber and Digi series tripods, the elliptical or three-faceted shape of the concentric tubes means they cannot rotate, while on round-tubed tripods, small protrusions down the length of the tube keep sections perfectly aligned.

    • retractable spiked feet

      Retractable spiked feet mean you can use this both outdoors with the spike extended for better grip on soft terrain, moss, plants, etc., and indoors on delicate floor surfaces with the rubber foot covering the spike to avoid damage and give more stable non-slip support.

    • sturdy all-metal construction

      Sturdy all-metal construction.

    • digi single hinge crown design

      The Digi design uses a single-sided pivot between the tripod leg and the shoulder casting to keep the tripod's cross section even more compact and to reduce overall weight.

    • geared center column

      Geared center column allows safe, precise height adjustment even under heavy loads.

    • Warranty Manfrotto Photo Pro/Amateurs Products

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      How to get an extra warranty coverage
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  • Attachment Number 3/8'' screw attachment type 3/8'' screw attachment type
    Bubble Spirit Level (No.) 1 number 1 number
    Center Column geared geared
    Color black color black color
    Legs Tube Diameter 40.35.30mm 40.35.30mm
    Material aluminum aluminum
    Suggested Dolly 114. 181B 114. 181B
    Closed Length 41.34 in 105 cm
    Leg Sections 3 number 3 number
    Load Capacity 44.09 lbs 20 kg
    Maximum Height 105.12 in 267 cm
    Maximum Height (with Center Column Down) 95.28 in 242 cm
    Minimum Height 17.32 in 44 cm
    Weight 19.84 lbs 9.000 kg