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Top 20 Holiday Gifts for Photographers Under $100

11/29/2013 — 

The holiday season is upon us,and while the more proactive among us probably completed their gift shopping weeks ago, there are no doubt a few who are still scrambling to find the perfect gift. Though Manfrotto has developed a reputation as the leading brand in professional photo and video supports and accessories, you don’t have to break the bank to deliver Manfrotto quality to your favorite photographer this holiday season. Here are the top 20 gifts for photographers under $100:

1)  Compact Series tripod with built-in photo/movie head ($67) - It was originally the superior quality of Manfrotto’s tripods that brought the company fame and luckily, some things never change. Its built-in photo/video head and exceptional ease of use make this tripod a perfect first tripod for any budding photographer or videographer. Available in black and gray.

Compact Series tripod

2)  PIXI Mini Tripod ($28) - The PIXI Mini Tripod weighs less than a half-pound and collapses to a length of under 8 inches, but includes many of the features of a full-size tripod, like rubber feet and an intuitive, push-button ball head system. Perfect for a photographer on the go.

PIXI Mini Tripod

3)  Solo VI Holster ($44.99) - Manfrotto’s bags have been getting a lot of attention lately as well, and for good reason. The Solo VI holster will let your photographer keep their gear safe and accessible in style. The Solo VI holster is available in black, brown, and champagne.  SOLO VI HOLSTER
4)  Advanced Shoulder Bag II ($50) - From compact system cameras to professional DLSR’s, the Advanced Shoulder Bag II features interchangeable dividers that allow photographers to create the perfect configuration of compartments for their needs. This bag’s water repellant coating and fold-out rain protector ensure that any gear inside this bag stays safe and dry.  Advanced Shoulder Bag II
5)  Compact Series tripod with built-in photo head ($67) - This Compact Series tripod kit includes everything needed to to mount your camera and get shooting. The built-in ball head’s single easy locking control is intuitive and easy to use, allowing photographers to quickly and easily adjust to frame their shot. Available in black and gray.  

Compact Series tripod with built-in photo head

6)  Advanced Active Sling 1 ($99) -  Manfrotto’s Advanced Active Sling 1 is designed to accommodate a DSLR camera with an attached zoom, as well as a flash, and up to 2 additional lenses. Alternatively, it can hold a Mini HDV camcorder and accessories, making it an excellent choice for someone interested in both photo and video.  Advanced Active Sling 1
7)  Digi Black Table Top Tripod with Ball Head ($56) - This table top tripod will fit in your pocket, but don’t let its size fool you. This tripod will accommodate up to 4.41 lbs., and its integrated Manfrotto Mini Ball Head allows for 360° panning and ±90° tilt. Also available in brushed silver.  

Digi Black Table Top Tripod with Ball Head

8)  KLYP case for iPhone 5 with connectors ($33) - If the photographer in your life does some of their shooting on with their iPhone, the KLYP case is the perfect gift. Its clip-on adapters give the iPhone a standard ¼” thread so that it can be attached to any standard tripod, as well as a standard flash shoe.  

KLYP case for iPhone® 5 with connectors

9)  Veloce III Backpack S.W. Stile ($95) - The Veloce III is the essential shooting backpack. It comfortably fits all your camera gear and tripod either inside or outside the bag as well as a 13” laptop/13” Mac. Grab your DSLR (with or without battery grip and with up to a 16-35mm lens attached) via the top opening without having to open the entire bag. 1-2 additional lenses, flash and accessories fit in the bottom compartment.  


10)  Advanced Holster Medium ($50) - Another option from Manfrotto’s Advanced line, this holster is perfect for a light-packing photographer on the go. Designed to accommodate a medium-sized DSLR with a wide-angle lens attached, as well as a few accessories, this bag can be carried by its handle, detachable shoulder strap, or can be connected to belt loops.  

Advanced Holster Medium

11)  Pocket Compact Support for Point and Shoot Cameras - An always-on support, easy and ready to use in any situation. It fits all compact cameras with the standard tripod attachment screw. Once installed and folded, it almost disappears and the camera can still be stored in its pouch thanks to the ultra-slim and compact design. Anytime you need to hold your camera in a specific position, the three legs with no-slip rubber feet can be independently set on any surface to provide maximum stability and security. The all-metal structure and the strong springs give a steady and safe support.

Pocket Support Small Black

12)  LED Light - Mini-24 Continuous ($94.99) - Manfrotto’s continuous LED lights provide excellent light quality whether mounted to a hotshoe, or held by hand. LED’s are significantly more shock-resistant, and last significantly longer than traditional bulbs, meaning this light is made to last.  

LED Light - Mini-24 Continuous

13)  Advanced Shoulder Bag VII ($88) - Like the Advanced Shoulder Bag II, the Advanced Shoulder Bag VII also features interchangeable dividers to allow each user to customize their bag, but adds some additional capacity. This bag is designed to accommodate a professional DSLR with both lense and battery grip attached as well as a flash and up to 4 additional lenses.  

Advanced Shoulder Bag VII

14)  Holster Plus 50 Professional Bag ($99) - Part of Manfrotto’s Professional Series, the Holster Plus 50 bag is designed to accommodate a DSLR with battery grip and 70-200 F/2.8 lens with reversed hood attached, as well as an extra lense, flash, and accessories. Manfrotto’s Exo-Tough Construction and specially engineered camera protection system guarantee the utmost safety.  

Holster Plus 50 Professional bag

15)  Solo II Holster for DSLR ($34.99) - This stylish holster will comfortably accommodate a DSLR camera and lense that a photographer may want to pack.  The Solo II holster provides quick convenient access to your camera gear in style. The compact design holds your DSLR and attached 18-35mm or similar sized lens in quick grip position, readily accessible.  


16)  Unica III Messenger ($78) - Another bag from the fashionable and functional Stile line, the Unica III is a great everyday bag for photographer’s camera gear, laptop, and whatever else. The top opening allows easy access to a DSLR with lens attached, as well as a 12.1” laptop. Available in black, brown, and champagne.  


17)  Bella VI Shoulder Bag ($54.99) - Another stylish shoulder bag from Manfrotto, the Bella VI boasts many of the same features as the Advanced Shoulder Bag II, but is available in a wider variety of colors, and meets the requirements for carry-on luggage on most major airlines. BELLA VI SHOUL. BAG
18)  Agile I Sling ($89.99) - The perfect bag if your photographer needs to quick on the draw. By swinging it from back to front, photographers can have quick access to a DSLR with up to 18-105mm lens attached and up to 2 additional lenses.


19)  Advanced Gear Backpack Medium ($99) - This ergonomically designed backpack can accommodate a professional DLSR with lens attached, as well as 2 additional lenses, as well as ample space for other storage needs. Interchangeable dividers allow users to customize storage space.

Advanced Gear Backpack Medium

20)  LED Light - Pocket-12 Continuous ($59.99) - The smallest and lightest of Manfrotto’s continuous LED lights, this pocket LED is ideal for a little extra light when shooting from a smartphone or compact camera, whether it’s video or stills. LED Light - Pocket-12 Continuous

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