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Top Twist/S

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Large lighting banks can be hung from the ceiling and manoeuvred using the Top Twist, thanks to its combination of tracks/rails, carriages and remotely-controlled motor groups. • Two parellel rails, mounted on double carriages that run on the ceiling rails, carry the bank suspension group and allow it to be moved backwards and forwards. • The central plate allows 360° motorised rotation (around the axis) and permits manual movement side to side on the rails. • The bank supported on the rail/central support can be raised & lowered at three points, each of which is controlled by an independent motor. • All movements are motorised & bi-directional, run by an electronic control box with remote control unit. The kit is composed of: 3 Rails 3m long, 1 Motorised rotation kit with 2 TOP COPTER/S, motors, composed of 360° rotation plate, rail spacers and string complete with handgrips, Endstops, 1 Motor group complete with sliding carriage, 1 Double motor group complete with sliding carriage, 1 8-channels electronic power supply - FF3288M. Attention: Please note that the following parts are not included in the kit here pictured, and they should be ordered separetely: Rail fixing brackets, 4 end stops, 2 double motorised carriages, 2 double sliding carriages, Cable carriages, Remote control. For soft box with max size: 2,5 x 1,3-1,5mt Max load: 22kg

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