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Compact Light


Ultra lightweight, portable and effortless to use; the Compact Light is the indispensable tripod for any circumstance. It's time to get the best from your Compact System Cameras.

Intuitive quick connection

Don't be frustrated by complex mechanisms, just rotate the wheel, e voilà...

Straightforward camera positioning

Framing your magic moment has never been so fast and simple.

Lightweight and portable

At just 800gr and 39cm when folded, this is our most portable solution ever.

Quick Wheel
Ball Head
Four Sections
  • Max Height With
    Column Extended
    131cm 51.6 in
  • Closed Height
    39.8cm 15.7 in
  • Weight
    0.81Kg 1.8 lbs

The Fast And The Curious

When capturing what inspires you, agility and flexibility are key. With a single locking knob for all movements, the ball head is your weapon of choice to quick shooting.

Make Shooting a Breeze

The moment won’t wait, so why should you? Just hold your camera firmly, rotate the wheel and you're ready to go.

Compact Action


Super intuitive, ergonomic and multi-purpose; with the Compact Action you can finally realise the potential of your entry level DSLR. Your images & movies will never look the same again. 

Ergonomic and intuitive

Control your equipment with ease and comfort with the re-designed joystick head.

Easy to set-up and highly adaptable

The innovative round quick release sets a new standard of simplicity and adjustability to any camera devices.

Perfect pics and marvelous movies

The flexiblity of the Photo/Movie selector allows you to quick change beween modes and get the best results every time.

Quick Release
Regulating Dial
Ergonomic Handle
Photo Movie
  • Max Height With
    Column Extended
    155cm 61 in
  • Closed Height
    45.3cm 17.8 in
  • Weight
    1.16Kg 2.5 lbs

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Comfortable one handed control of the ergonomic head keeps your focus on the moment and your subject, not on the set-up.

Ready to Roll

The new round quick release system is fast, adaptable and foolproof. Screw it on by hand, snap it into the head, adapt it to your camera and you're good to go.

Different Perspectives

Whether you love filming smooth movies or taking stunning photos, the Compact Action is the tripod for you. Your pics will be as sharp as they can be and your shaky old movies... just a bad memory.

Compact Advanced Ball Head

Reliable, accurate and easy to use, the Compact Advanced Ball Head is the perfect match for your DSLR camera with standard zoom lens and high level CSCs. You’re just a step away from freezing anything that catches your eye.

Sturdy and quick attachment

Aluminium ball head and quick release plate guarantee you the fastest camera connection and set up, holding 3 Kg payload.

Speed and precision

Superior friction control allows you to best frame your image with the tiniest micro movements.


Advanced leg structure you can rely on for sharp and detailed images every time.

Quick Release Plate
Locking Lever
Friction Control
Five Sections
  • Max Height With
    Column Extended
    167cm 65.7 in
  • Closed Height
    46cm 18.1 in
  • Weight
    1.3Kg 2.86 lbs

Speed or
Here's the Best
of Both Worlds.

Thanks to the friction control feature, the ball head’s movement is closely and securely controlled yet extremely fast, so you can capture all of the excitement.

A World of Possibility
in a Compact Head

Don’t be fooled by size. The Compact Advanced Ball Head is a mighty feat of design and engineering. It has all the features you need to catch every bit of the action in a compact, quick and easy to use ball head. 

Compact Advanced 3-way Head


Rock solid, precise and portable; the Compact Advanced will support your standard zoom lens and entry level DSLR so you can take your photography to new lengths.

Great precision

Achieving and maintaining accurate framing has never been so uncomplicated.

Portability and compactness

Receive all of the benefits of a 3 way head in a perfectly portable package.


Create sharper images every time thanks to the advanced leg structure.

Quick Release Plate
Ergonomic Handle
Foldable Handle
Five Sections
  • Max Height With
    Column Extended
    165cm 64.96 in
  • Closed Height
    44cm 17.3 in
  • Weight
    1.42Kg 3.13 lbs

Sharp Shooter

Complete control of the head on every axis makes the Compact Advanced perfect for precisely framed images. No more loose compostions or wonky horizons ever again.

The Big Fish in a Small Pond

A full size three-way head tripod has never been so portable! Fold the head into the travel position, put it in your bag and discover new vistas.

  • 1 Fold the Handles
  • 2 Fold the Head
  • 3 Tuck it In

Choosing Which Tripod is the Easiest Part

The Compact Tripods are versatile and  universal yet they are designed to enhance the functionality of the cameras they are intended for.

Check compatiblity

  • Compact Light

    Born to be with you always

  • Compact Action

    Made for photos and movies

  • Compact Advanced

    Great stabilty and precision

What Else is in the Box?

Padded bag for safe and comfortable transportation.
Sony Nex 5R/5T adaptor for enhanced stability of these models.

Express Yourself!

Don't just choose the model, choose a color.

Manfrotto in Color



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