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294 Aluminum 4 Section Monopod

Availability: SKU MM294A4 (Out of Stock)

Replaced by MM290A4
294 Aluminum 4 Section Monopod

Availability: SKU MM294A4 (Out of Stock)

Replaced by MM290A4
294 Aluminum 4 Section Monopod
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The MM294A4 is the 4-section monopod belonging to the 290 family. It is the best solution for compactness and light weight. The fortified alloy tube, constructed using the exclusive D-shape, ensures additional stability for a creative and enjoyable shooting experience. It has a solid aluminum upper disc with a versatile 1/4”-3/8” attachment for the camera and head. A comfortable and secure operation is also guaranteed thanks to the soft grip and angled wrist strap.

Additional Information

Material Aluminum
Max Height 59.45 in151 cm
Safety Payload 11.02 lbs5 kg
Weight 19.05 oz540 g
Legs Tube Diameters 1.02, 0.89, 0.75, 0.61 in26, 22.5, 19, 15.5 mm

More information

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  • Spare Part 20110105 MM294A4