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360Rize Pro6L Bullet360 Drone and Helmet 3/8'' Mount

Availability: SKU 3R PRO6LE (Available)

360Rize Pro6L Bullet360 Drone and Helmet 3/8'' Mount

Availability: SKU 3R PRO6LE (Available)

  • Holds six GoPro Hero 3+ Black and Hero4 Cameras
  • Great for all-around uses and UAVs
  • Semi-Spherical View (360 by 120)

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360Rize Pro6L Bullet360 Drone and Helmet 3/8'' Mount
  • Holds six GoPro Hero 3+ Black and Hero4 Cameras
  • Great for all-around uses and UAVs
  • Semi-Spherical View (360 by 120)


The Pro6L Bullet360 is specifically designed for drone, vehicle and helmet mounting to create semi-spherical 360° video. It is ideal for situations where mounting a 360° rig close to an object or surface is necessary.

Bullet360 System

When filming with multiple GoPro™ cameras at 120 frames per second (FPS), the Bullet360 board provides a sync within +/- 5 frames, presenting a more reliable and consistent camera syncing solution than wireless remotes relying on Wi-Fi. Triggering the Bullet360 wired remote switch not only turns cameras on/off and starts/stops recording, it also triggers a buzzer to provide an audio sync. This solves the critical workflow challenge of operating multiple cameras on set and achieving a close frame sync for the stitching process.

The Pro6L Bullet360 360 Plug-n-Play™ Holder positions five GoPro cameras in a portrait orientation facing outward along the horizon and a single GoPro on top, leaving the bottom open. The geometry of the rig produces semi-spherical, dome-shaped coverage, with a 60° blind spot, or nadir, at the bottom (or top, if you’re rigging upside down). The 5 cameras on the horizon are intentionally angled downward to increase frame overlap and reduce the size of the nadir.

This configuration enables filmmakers to mount the system flush to a surface (vehicle hood, bottom of a drone, etc.) without creating parallax issues. For drone filmmakers it presents itself as a perfectly balanced and centered load. The design features hinged camera arms for simple camera installation and durability, an anodized aluminum core for improved strength and a 3/8” mounting point.

The Pro6L Bullet360 can also be utilized for 360 video live streaming. The open configuration on the bottom is ideal for allowing HDMI and Mini USB cable access to accommodate external power sources and video output for each camera.

The Pro6L Bullet360 captures high resolution (up to 7,500 x 3,750 pixels) content that can be viewed with the Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and the industry’s other leading virtual reality head mounted displays.

Additional Information

Weight With Cameras 23.2 oz 657.71 g
Weight Without Cameras 4.7 oz 133.24 g
Package Weight 20.7 oz 586.83 g
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