Frequently Asked Questions

Our Manfrotto Distribution U.S. Customer Service team's most important mission is to help customers achieve the best in imaging with our Manfrotto products. We invite anyone who has a question related to products, service, or repair to contact us and we will be here to assist you.

Before you reach out, let us see if we can take the mystery out of your inquiry. Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions our team receives and answers which may solve your problem(s) right away:


General Inquiries

How can I purchase your products?

You've come to the right place at For online purchases, each product listings has a "Buy Now" option which allows you to place items in your cart. In the unlikely event that we do not carry or have stock of a specific item you need that is found on our site, check out our "Find a Store" locator (also located in the site's navigation bar at the top of the page) and you can scout out an Authorized Manfrotto dealer close to home and contact them.

What are your hours of operation?

We are here for you each and every business day, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST).

How can I contact you for assistance?

For Customer Service, don't hesitate to call us at 201.818.9500 during normal hours of operation. You may also fill out our Contact Us form outside of business hours and our team will respond to your inquiry when we return.

Product Inquiries

What bag will my video camera fit in?

We can show you! Click here to check out our PDF guide.

What bag will my video support fit in?

We can show you! Click here to check out our PDF guide.

What bag will my photo support fit in?

We can show you! Click here to check out our PDF guide.

Shipping Inquiries

Can I have products shipped to a P.O. Box?

Orders cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes.

Can I have products shipped to a military base?

Orders cannot be shipped to military bases.

Click here for more information on shipping.

Parts & Service Inquiries

How can I purchase replacement parts?

Your parts orders can be placed one of two ways:

  1. Phone orders can be placed during normal hours of operation by calling us at 201.818.9500.
  2. Email orders can be placed at any time by submitting our Parts Order Form to

Are Bogen parts still available?

Yes, but in limited supply. Please e-mail us at

Where do I got to have something serviced or repaired?

Please visit our Service & Repair page for details regarding our authorized factory service provider.

Warranty Inquiries

Where can I register my product to be eligible warranty, or an extended warranty?

We have a dedicated website where you can register your products for warranty extension: Manfrotto products in the United States are covered by a two-year standard limited warranty from date of purchase, and depending on the product, warranty periods can extend up to 10 years from date of purchase. For more information about Manfrotto warranty terms and conditions, please click here.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that warranties are valid only on products purchased either through our own site or through one of our Premier/Select/Authorized Manfrotto dealers. For products purchased in, but used outside, the United States, warranties cover only the warranty service within the United States (and does not include shipping outside the United States).

Manfrotto does not provide a warranty of any type or of any manner for any products purchased from unauthorized resellers, without exception. As an example, if you purchase any Manfrotto product from an unauthorized dealer via Fulfilled By Amazon you will not receive any U.S. warranty or technical support. If you have questions about the status of your Manfrotto product, you can always call us during business hours at 201.818.9500, ext. 8209.

Rebate Inquiries

How do I check the status of my mail-in rebate?

Please visit our Rebate Status page and simply enter your last name, address number, and zip code to receive a status update.

Dealer Inquiries

I am looking for a store near me which carries Manfrotto products. How do I find one close to where I am?

No worries! Our site offers a "Find a Store" locator which you can use to find the authorized Manfrotto dealer nearest you. Within you can search for dealers by name, by city, by state and by zip code to narrow things down. In less densely populated areas, you can extend your search radius up to 200 miles from where you are. For more information, click here.

I am interested in becoming an authorized Manfrotto dealer. How do I become one?

We always are looking for new members of the Manfrotto family! Please reach out via e-mail at and we would be happy to direct you to a Manfrotto sales representative for your area of the United States.