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Gossen Footcandle/Lux Meter Mavolux 5032C

Availability: SKU GO 4056 (Available)

Gossen Footcandle/Lux Meter Mavolux 5032C

Availability: SKU GO 4056 (Available)

  • Maximum precision
  • Cosine correction
  • V(λ) adaptation
  • Simple expansion of functions
  • Computer-aided measurement
Gossen Footcandle/Lux Meter Mavolux 5032C
  • Maximum precision
  • Cosine correction
  • V(λ) adaptation
  • Simple expansion of functions
  • Computer-aided measurement
Multiple Metering Functions

Measures ambient & flash, both incident and reflected light

Exposure correction

Preprogramming of exposure correction values in 1/10 stop increments (EV -7.9 to +7.9)

LC Display

The large LCD is easy to read, giving all the relevant and important data.

Swivel Head

Convenient Swivel head facilitating measuring and reading

LED Compatability

One of the most important characteristics of a luxmeter is matching to the sensitivity of the human eye is the spectral luminous efficiency of the human eye in daylight, and is defined in DIN 5031. The required matching is accomplished by means of an optical filter whose quality dictates the accuracy class. Permissible deviation is specified in DIN 5032 and DIN EN 13032 for the individual classes.

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Measure illumination in footcandles or lux with the Gossen Digital Footcandle & Lux Meter Mavolux 5032C. Can also measure Candelas/M2 and footlamberts with optional luminance attachment. The Mavolux 5032 C is equipped with color correction that matches the spectral response to the human eye V(lambda), in accordance with DIN 5032, part 7, class C. Integrated cosine correction is included to ensure the correct evaluation of oblique light.

Additional Information

Ambient Light Yes Yes
Powered by (batteries) AA Size AA Size
Depth 0.75 in 1.9 cm
Display Type digital digital
Height 0.47 in 1.2 cm
Number Of Batteries 1 1
Sensor Type Silicon cell with Vλ filter Silicon cell with Vλ filter
Width 2.56 in 6.5 cm

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