Camera Messenger Bags

Manfrotto Messenger Bags are perfect for daily use. They’re actually more of a mobile office than simply a bag: they enable you to easily carry and access your camera, lenses, flash and your accessories, but also your laptop or tablet, notebook, documents and more. These bags are the perfect way to carry your camera and personal gear around keeping a low profile so you can move freely among the crowds.
All Manfrotto Messenger bags are engineered with the Manfrotto Camera Protection System that guarantees the highest level of protection and shock resistance where it really counts. They can hold small Compact System Cameras or advanced DSLRs according to your photographic needs, but whichever one you choose, you can be sure it will always keep your camera safe.
When choosing a messenger bag, style is just as important as functionality - you will be carrying this bag with you every day and it has to match your style effortlessly. We want our messenger bags to be sophisticated, stylish but also discreet.

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