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KLYP+ the unique all-in-one photographic solution for taking perfect images with your iPhone®

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KLYP+ for
iPhone® 5/5s and SE

With its stylish design, the KLYP+ photographic bumper perfectly fits the shape of your iPhone® 5/5s and SE, protecting it from falls. Its ergonomic rubber profiles serve as rail-system attachments for the LED light, the tripod mount and kickstand. It also features a lens thread connection on which to easily screw the wide choice of lenses available.

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KLYP+ for iPhone®
6 and 6 Plus

The brand new KLYP+ cases perfectly fit the shape of your iPhone® 6 or 6 Plus with great emphasis on functionality and photographic performances. Solid, stylish and extremely useful, this case guarantees maximum protection from scratches and falls. It enables you to shoot perfect artistic pictures and videos thanks to its dedicated line of accessories.


Discover New Perspectives...

  • The Fisheye Lens gives you a truly hemispherical view making your subjects look like they are enclosed in a bubble.

  • The 3x Telephoto Lens brings you closer to your subject, making your pictures sharper and more detailed.

  • The 1.5x Telephoto Lens is ideal for portrait photography, bringing depth to your subject.

  • The Wide angle Lens enlarges your field of view and lets you capture a broader scene. Unscrew the top to reveal the Macro Lens, which has increased magnification enabling you to take close-up shots revealing the smallest details.

  • The Super Wide angle lens doubles your field of view with edge-to-edge sharpness and is perfect for capturing beautiful, limitless landscapes.

  • The Polarizer reduces glare, increases contrast and makes colors brighter by blocking the light waves thanks to its rotating lens.

Light Up Your Shot and Capture True Color

The LED light enhanced with SMT technology gives you brighter images than ever before. With this premium quality light, the colors of your pictures are accurate and vivid and natural skin tones are captured perfectly. This innovative accessory is very compact and ideal for shooting clear photographs and making videos in backlight or low light conditions.

  • 225 lm Lumens
  • 60° Beam Angle
  • 80 Color Consistency

Without LED With Manfrotto LED

Easy Set Up

The LED light and the tripod mount have been designed to perfectly fit both the iPhone® 5/5s, SE and the latest 6 and 6 Plus. Just pull out the special adaptor and adjust the orientation according to your KLYP+ cover.

4 Locking Point
Railway System

LED light and tripod mount special adaptor

  • Kickstand
  • Tripod Mount and LED
  • KLYP+ with PIXI
  • KLYP+ with Compact

Support your creativity

The ¼" thread adaptor makes KLYP+ compatible with the largest choice of supports. Select the most suitable configuration and say goodbye to blurry photos and shaky videos forever.

Discover PIXI Supports
Discover Compact Supports

Clap your hands and shoot!


The new KLYPapp+ user interface and graphics are exceptionally intuitive and enjoyable to use. For your photos, you can choose between manual and auto mode and set focus & exposure independently. In video mode, you can let your creativity run wild and capture extraordinary stop motion and time-lapse videos.

Manfrotto in color


iPhonography just got smarter